Tokidoki in Michigan?

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  1. I was wondering if anyone knew where I may be able to find Tokidoki bags in Michigan.. preferrably around the Metro Detroit area. I've looked in one place.. called a few others.. and no one seems to have them.

    The bag is not actually for me.. but for my girlfriend.. one and only

    But yeah, my question - Anyone have any tips on where I may be able to find a Tokidoki bag around my area?

    Thanks in advance.

    Woo first post.
  2. The only place I have seen Tokidoki in Detroit is at the Detroit Wayne Airport in the McNamara terminal behind security. Michigan and Ohio tend to be Toki-less.:crybaby:
  3. Oh no. x_x; you looked at all the maceys and everything?
  4. I saw a Notte canguro, Bella, and BV ONCE at Somerset Mall. But never any prints. The store in McNamara Terminal at the airport though has a super collection, but of course you have to have a ticket to fly to visit the store.
  5. Loehmans on Orchard lake Road has a couple solid colors, orange zucca and mama mia (I forget the name of the orange:sad:) and 3 Citta rosa's -the laptop bag, and 2 backpacks.
  6. I wish I had good news, but unless you fly our of Metro on NWA, then all I can suggest is to check Loehmanns. The one on Orchard Lake Road had a few pieces left 2 weeks ago. I remember seeing an Arancia Zucca and BV, a few Citta Scuolas, and a Citta Rosa Trenino. A few months ago there was a lot there - I picked up a Camo Olive Luna. The Loehmanns in Northville/Livonia had a few pieces at that same time, but I didn't see much there last weekend. I also saw a few Notte pieces at Macy's at Somerset Mall in Troy about 6 months ago. Most of the Macy's I have checked looked at me puzzled when I asked. (Briarwood Mall in Ann Arbor, Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi, Nordstroms at Somerset). I am holding out hope for the new Nordstrom's opening in Twelve Oaks later this month, but their online customer service said they don't know what that store will carry. (Their service was very helpful - she called several stores for me to see if they carried Toki).

    I can always recommend some great eBay sellers, as that is the way I had to go to get my bags...