Tokidoki in Houston?

  1. I'm in search of a store that carries tokidoki in Houston, TX. Other than metropark, that is.

    Do you guys know of any?

    I'm pretty sure no Macy's here have it. :/
  2. I'd love to know as well since I come down there often. :yes:
  3. Hey Quynh! We've got the same name! I've heard there's a store called Domy Books on Westheimer near Cafe Brazil. Other than that just Metropark.
  4. Thanks, i'll be sure to check it out. Do you know what they carry? I just checked out their website and I couldn't find any tokidoki. Maybe it's just an in store thing.
  5. Hi fellow Houston Toki lovers!!! I put a post on the blog about Domy. They have several bags. I got my beautiful vacanze ciao ciao there. The last time I was in they had 2 vacanze denaros, 1 vacanze ciao ciao, a gorgeous trasporto wallet with sandy on the elephant, trasporto gioco and ciao ciao, a tutti gioco, and another awesome tutti denaro with moofia. And a few fumo and bianco bags. They are a small independent store with limited bag stock. What they do have is a ton of awesome qees!!!! Including a few toki vinyls and they will be getting the blind box cactus dogs. It is worth checking out just for that and they have amazing books!!! Plus its right next to the best coffee house in Houston...Brasil!
  6. Thanks for that info, I'm definitely going to check it out next time I go in that area :smile:
  7. I emailed LSS a looong time ago asking if they had any retailers in TX and I think they said the only retail shop they have is at the Galleria... now I couldn't really remember if they said it was the Houston Galleria (and i remember going to the Galleria when I visited H-ton when i was younger) or if it was in Austin. I don't know if there's one in Austin but it definitely isn't the Galleria in Dallas.
  8. Austin doesn't have a Galleria so it's probably Houston :yes: