Tokidoki in Honolulu Airport

  1. Just wondering if anyone knows the number of the Lesportsac Store in the Honolulu Airport. Or how to contact them to buy Tokidoki bags from them. I was traveling a month ago and I saw the Paradiso Baby Bag that I have been searching for in one of the stores in the airport. But my flight came in late and it was already closed. There was no number that I could find to call them. Was wondering if you can only go to the store if you have a ticket and are traveling? If anyone can help I would appreciate it! :smile:
  2. It must be the duty-free shop there. The DFS Galleria Airport number is (808) 837-3172.

    The last time I went to the main DFS Galleria in Waikiki a couple months ago, they had Paradiso. That LeSportsac section wasn't limited to ticket/overseas travel (though there was a restricted-access 3rd floor where you needed to have produced a ticket to get a pass). Hopefully the airport one is the same and not restricted, so you can get your Paradiso!
  3. Do other duty free shops have Toki, or is it just in Hawaii because it is so popular there?
  4. i was there over the summer and they had toki in the dfs but they also had a separate lesportsac store in the airport. that's where i got my inferno stellina. if i can find my receipt, i'll check if there is a number on there.
  5. the DFS galleria @ the airport is for everyone! :smile:

    but the DFS galleria like in waikiki is for international ticket holders only

  6. that's not true. I live in california and we bought some stuff at the dfs in waikiki.
  7. I thought anyone could get into the DFS in Waikiki - unless they've changed things since I've been there a few years ago. I remember I used to go there through the "other" way with the escalator because there's never anyone standing around to ask for your ticket or passport or whatever. I used to stare at the jacked up Coach there. *lol*
  8. Does anybody know what they have in stock?
  9. Yes anyone can get into the DFS Galleria Waikiki. The first two floors from ground floor up are for anyone.

    The only restricted section is the 3rd floor where you needed to have produced an overseas ticket to get a pass.
  10. i did try to go into the DFS galleria in waikiki BUT there was a lady guarding the escalator saying i had to have an international passport to get into the upper levels

    are you talking about the one by the pink/blue line trollies? i never tried to get into that one

    oh yeah and the DFS galleria @ the Hilton is for anybody as well...
  11. Thanks for all the info!! I will try the DFS number today... =) :okay: