Tokidoki in Hawaii, Do they ship to the US?

  1. my cousin just got back from Hawaii and said he spotted 2 or 3 lesportsac stores there. He knows i like tokidoki so he said he stopped by one near his hotel and they had Inferno bags there still :confused1: (iono he said it looked like mine) im just wondering if they will ship to the US... i dont mind paying the Hawaii retail price because quite frankly its cheaper than evilbay.

    thanks! :smile:
  2. I'm pretty sure they will ship to the US but I think you have to send a money order b/c they don't accept payment over the phone. I'm not 100% sure but that's what I've heard. Hopefully some of the Hawaii girls can say for sure!!

    Whatchu thinking of getting :graucho:
  3. The Hawaii Waikele outlet will ship to the US, for $15 and they help with print placement. They only take money orders, however, and I think they are kind of slow. I ordered an OP Bella Bella 2 weeks ago and it has not yet arrived. They assured me that it shipped last Thursday, though, so I am expecting it to arrive tomorrow.
  4. xkaokaox-i don't mind picking up and mailing a bag for you.
  5. Isn't Hawaii part of the US? LoL.... just joking i know what u mean the "continental" US... just thought this thread title was funny :biggrin:
  6. I really want a Inferno Denaro :'( i was bidding for one on eBay but it ended up being 100 dollars not including shipping :crybaby:

    lol! opps i didnt realize my title was technically incorrect xD i always make that mistake *taps head on desk* but yea you know what i mean >.>; inland...

    @djr0658: :smile: I'll pm you back shortly~
  7. I was watching that one too but knew it was going to go really high. :sad:

    Your friend must have seen the Infernos at the Hilton Hawaiian Hotel Duty Free store? I just moved to VA from HI, but I was able to get my Inferno gioco there. :tup: I highly doubt there are still denaros though. Those sell out within the first day, I heard. The duty free store at the Honolulu airport also sells LeSportsac/Tokidoki. On our flight out to VA (Aug. 8th), I did see some Infernos and was so tempted to stop and browse, but we didn't have time. :tdown:
  8. i stopped bidding at 85 bucks lol. 100 is way way too much xD
  9. the regular lesportsac stores are out of inferno and older prints. They have pirata (unless they shipped it out to outlets), spiaggia, and tutti.

    Our outlet has OP Bella Bellas and paradiso bellas. (I think I read that in one of maya's recent posts.)

    The only place that might have older prints is the duty free shops. But the one where I bought my Inferno MM, is out of MMs, but they do have a very very limited selection of inferno + paradiso as of last last week.
  10. i talked to djr0658 about this xD i think my cousin was confused. i told him again and again that Inferno is from quite a few seasons ago so he could easy have been mistaken because he cant tell one print from another lol.
  11. The DFS in the Galleria might have some inferno MMs and other stuff, but I haven't checked it in like a month+. When I last looked, they did have Inferno MMs and other bags.
  12. Heh. You outbid me at like $66. That's when I gave up because it's not my perfect placement. Looks like we were all in on that one! :rolleyes: Who got it, someone from here?

  13. i liked it because of the little ghosts and the doggie and the adios brushing its teeth :biggrin: the front was perfect for me but the back was meh...
  14. Oooo, if it's true that there's still Inferno there, I'll have to find out if they have any giocos *dials*
  15. So my OP Bella Bella arrived today and I am SOOOO happy with it! The print placement is totally what I wanted, with a Latte on the front and Sandy + more cactus kids and lattes on the back. Nancy (the Waikele manager) even wrote me a really sweet note. So hooray for the Lesportsac Hawaii outlet!!