Tokidoki in Europe?

  1. Um, first of all, hello! I am new to this forum (and Tokidoki in general, actually) so I'm really sorry if I'm uh, not supposed to make a thread about this sort of thing or whatever. ._.

    I'm in Ireland and I've been dying for a Zucca bag, but my dad won't let me buy off of eBay ;_;

    So I came here and registered specifically so I can ask all you lovely Tokidoki owners if there are ANY sites that sell Zucca bags that ship to Europe? I read all the pages on the Vender's list and checked all the links, but none of them sell the Zucca bag or ship internationally, so I'm a bit desperate. D:

    (erm, actually, I did find, but I can't read Japanese and I have no idea how to buy it or make an account, let alone if it's an authentic bag haha.)

    So uh, to summarise, I'd be eternally grateful if anyone could link to an online shop or anything that would ship to Europe/UK!

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. i cant read japanese but i used a translator and the only zucca avaliable is adios star. :o
  3. Ah, so THAT would be the reason I can't find any way of buying the Pirata Zucca. xD; thank you for telling me :'D!
  4. Yes, sign up for LJ! Zuccas appear on there sometimes :biggrin: Maybe you could make a friend in the U.S. who would be willing to get it for you then ship it? Not saying to ask someone on here..maybe thru LJ make a friend cuz yeahh I wouldnt' want you to get into trouble on TPF haha..
  5. I just sent a request to join shoptokidoki; thanks for telling me about it. :biggrin:

    It's uh, trustworthy yeah? I mean, I'm not likely to be scammed out of money or bag, am I? (note: this is more my father asking than me. He has a rather negative reaction when it comes to internet shopping...)
  6. most people should have some sort of feedback someplace. if you find someone w/the bag you want, just ask for their feedback

  7. Hum.. i thought pulse shipped to UK.
  8. Shoptokidoki has a really good rep~ A lot of the people selling bags on it are from this forum :yes: I actually just bought a zucca from there yesterday for a great price... so you'll be sure to see some good deals, too~
  9. Also, there is a feedback page on LJ and you can check if they have feedback on there as well..and usually they'll have an eBay name and will share it if you ask :biggrin:
  10. Hi yellie! Welcome to tPF!:p There is an online store I think located in Italy that ships worldwide called Luisaviaroma.

    Hopefully you can get a Toki bag from there. Good Luck!:tup:
  11. Thank you everyone for helping me out :heart:! I managed to order a zucca tutti from Pulse, so I'm ridiculously happy right now~ yaay!
  12. Oh wow, I am glad they ship international :biggrin:
  13. Yeah! Congrats! My Tutti Zucca from Pulse just came in today and I :heart::heart::heart: it! Even the Adios Qee and I am usually *bleh* with the qees.