Tokidoki in EDMONTON!!!!!

  1. I posted this in the tokidoki lj, but i thought to post it here too:

    So, yesterday was good friday.. and I went shopping with my family at West Edmonton Mall... we happened to go into Stoneridge.. and I saw the new tokidoki fornia shoes! They were $149CAN and not bad looking..

    Ok so that was my first surprise.. then from the corner of my eye i see some REALLY colorful bags... guess what?? they had tokidoki lesportsac bags too!!

    From what i can remember, they had a blanco gioco, pirata bv, gioco.. and adios star in zucca and canguro.. i think they had another one but i can't remember too well lol.

    prices were a bit above retail though.. it was like the US price converted into CAN plus $10.. giocos and bvs were $200CAN.. zucca was $235CAN and canguro was $135CAN

    this is the first time EVER i've seen tokidoki in edmonton.. you can probobaly guess that i got excited hehe...

    SOO if you live in edmonton or close.. go to stoneridge and get your tokidoki~!!
  2. Congrats, Chancy. You never know, they might have a sale on some of the older Tokidoki patterns.
  3. I have a gioco coming from JB's bags in Calgary on monday. They are getting amore in about 3 weeks.
    Their prices ranged from 120 to 215 for the gioco.
    I'm so excited it will be my first Tokidoki
  4. yay congrats ragamuffin! what print are you getting it in? jb bags. where in calgary is that located?

    disney4us: that is why i am looking forward to boxing day this year... i hope they still have them then! lol. this is the first time i've seen them ever carry toki's so i dont think they'll have the older prints..
  5. I'm getting the Pirata. SOOOO can't wait I want to drive then 3 hours to Calgary to pick it up instead of having my friend bring it to me tomorrow. JB's bags is in Chinook, Market, and Southcenter and they will NOT do chargesends! I was there IRL and they took down what I wanted called me when it came in and would not send it to me. Thank goodness I had a friend comming done who was willing to pick it up for me! One more sleep:yahoo:
  6. where do you live?

    that really sucks that they dont do charge sends!
    but... i will definitely have to visit them when i go down to calgary next time.. hehe

    congrats on ur pirata!
  7. Thanks Chancy
    I'm in Medicine Hat and I just got home now with my new bag and it is fab!!!
    It has a perfect placement on it. I couldn't be happier with it. I just spoke with the guy who picked it up for me and he said when the amore comes in he will go pick one up for me, I'm so excited!
    I was also wrong on the price, it was 195 for the gioco.
  8. congrats on your new bag! hm..the gioco is the about the same price here on Guam too, I think 1 or 2 bucks cheaper.
  9. oo 5 bucks cheaper than here! thats the same price that i saw them in vancouver too..
    for a second i thought you might have been in edmonton lol.. i was like ooo fellow edmontonian??
    oh well medicine hat is close enough! hehe
  10. Too far for me! In the last 10 years I've been to edmonton once. My butt falls asleep on the almost 6 hour drive and I have to stop almost as much as the kids so DH hates taking me anywhere! We are talking about going and staying at the Fantasy Land hotel in a theme room this year if he can ever get some time off work. I was really surprized to hear the Stoneridge had Tokidoki. I right away went and checked to see if they have a website you can order from like ALDO's but they don't. I worked for the ALDO GROUPE for years so I like to support them, they were good to me.
  11. :lol: im so far from where you are in the middle of the pacific ocean!
  12. vmaterz I wish I was where you are! Then I won't have to deal with anymore of this dang snow that we keep getting. It's starting to make me real sad:crybaby:
  13. I know how you feel. We are having a snow storm here in Wisconsin today. All of the snow has been melted here for at least a month and now bam a late winter storm. I could just puke! :yucky: Not to mention I should have had my amore bag here today but because of the snow no mail will be delivered.
  14. I hear ya. We are expecting a blizzard starting tomorrow going thru Friday. So I doubt I'll be seeing my Amore this week....
  15. Darn that snow messin' with our bags who does it think it is?