tokidoki in Detroit!!!!!!!

  1. metropark in 12 oaks mall has 4 trasporto giocos, 3 trasporto zuccas and 4 trasporto ciaos ciaos!!!!!!!!! We finally got some!!!! They also have various shirts and stuff!!!!!:wlae:
  2. OMG! Tokidoki in the midwest! Woohoo!:yahoo:
  3. The Nordstrom's does not seem to have any Toki, but I had to control myself in Metropark and NOT purchase anything. But those 4 Giocos were calling me. But I resisted. I am saving money to move to LA in November. :smile:
  4. OOOH!

    Now I have to go see! Do they have any keychains, toys or necklaces?
  5. It was CRAZY busy and I didn't notice any, but that was because I was so excited they had bags that I didn't take notice of the jewelry or anything else. The salesperson that I was talking to said they had more Toki in the back of the store, so you could always call them and see about the rest. They at least know what toki is!
  6. I am so super excited, I will have to go there tomorrow after work!