tokidoki in Central Valley, CA??

  1. Hey does any one here live in the Central Valley of Cali.. i.e. Modesto, Stockton, Tracy, and all the other cities around there?? If you are, are there any places that sell tokidoki bags or clothing?? I'm gonna be around there for a week, hopefully not tokidoki deprived. (I am new to this wonderful addiction.) Thanks Ladies!:love:
  2. Oooh, bubblesung can answer that one for you!
  3. lol sadly i am in stockton for school..but i get to move in august! ok u don't need to know that..BUT

    in stockton, there's a store that sells tokidoki stuff called Four Square...Not sure if they currently have nething in stock, but give them a call..

    i was completely shocked that i had a store that carried tokidoki in stockton that was 10 mins away from me!

    n that's pretty much it unless u wanna drive about an hour out to sacramento where macy's, and Up against the Wall carry tokidoki stuff too! but then u might as well drive to the bay area where most malls carry tokidoki and we have metropark too!
  4. Thanks bubblesung!! Yea I figured there would be minimal tokidoki fun for me there.. but I'll be visiting San Jose and San Fran too.. I'm on a search for a famiglia denaro with the cool space girl..
  5. oh ok yeah san jose/sf has tons of tokidoki throughout! u can hit up called Tobi in SF too..i'm sure u'll find the denaro you're looking for ^^
  6. :roflmfao: I grew up in Stockton! Shocked that they carry anything designer!

    I live in Fresno now, and there're tons of Tokidoki here! Might be a bit far for you, though.
  7. Macy's at the Vintage Faire Mall in Modesto carries the bags. Not sure about the clothing.
  8. fabgrabs - adorable icon! mmm..designer ice cream cones... :tup:
  9. Thanks! I should have an ice cream cart near 5th Ave. in NY or something, and have every designer represented on the cones! :lol: