tokidoki in buffalo, ny?

  1. One of my friends is moving to Buffalo to go to college. Does anyone know if there's tokidoki there??

    Unfortunately, two of my best friends live in Lebanon, OH, and Ft. Stewart, GA, where there's NO tokidoki... I'm hoping third time will be a charm with the third friend leaving me. *lol*
  2. it sucks when friends move away :crybaby:

    there's a Metropark location that recently opened in Buffalo. it's in a mall called Walden Galleria. last time i checked, they had a few Spiaggia and Pirata bags, the toki journal and stationary set, and a few Adios and Ciao figures. oh, they also carry Harajuku Lovers stuff.

    hope that helps!
  3. Oh, cool! Thanks!

    Do you happen to know if they sell tokidoki at their Macy's and Nordstrom's?

    Man, my friend's gonna be like "WTF man" because she's SUCH a tomboy... having her go look for handbags will be torture. *lol* But that's what happens when you leave me!! Hahaha.

    And yeah, it does suck... It's so hilarious because we tease her at work...

    Us: "Why are you going to college in Buffalo again??"
    Her: "Because... I want to experience different things."
    Us: "No, really, how come?"
    Her: "Because my cousin is there, okay?"
    Us: *lol*

    She SERIOUSLY chose that college for the pure fact that her cousin goes there. She has no clue what classes she'll take or what she'll study... It's so funny.
  4. I hope she likes snow and cold and rain! For four years I lived in Rochester, which is about an hour's drive from Buffalo. Brrrrrr!!!

  5. Haha. Yeah, especially coming from Hawaii!! She's definitely going to have to invest in winter clothing!!
  6. At least she'll have fun shopping @ Metropark for you b/c they have all kinds of stuff so if she's a tomboy I'm sure she'll find tons of stuff for herself there!! :graucho: We :heart:Metropark b/c it's :supacool:

  7. when i google-mapped Walden Galleria, there wasn't a Nordstrom that was nearby. last time i checked the macy's inside Walden Galleria, they had NO tokis, and the SAs weren't really sure if they ever had them in stock. u might want to get your friend to go check every once in a while.
  8. omg is she going to the University at Buffalo?? I'm going to be a freshman there on August 23rd!! Sweet haha now I know where I can go to fuel my addiction :graucho:
  9. She's going to Canisius College...
  10. Oh okay nevermind :p I don't have any idea where that is~ That'd be funny if she and I were going to the same place :yes:
  11. She said it's like down the road from University of Buffalo...?
  12. bleh =(
    yeah im from rochester, about an hr drive and theres no toki there OR here... i feel as if us upstate ny-ers dont get the luxury on anything!
  13. Yeah, we're pretty S-O-L here~ Toki hates upstate :sad:
  14. Any one has any updates on Tokidoki's in Buffalo, NY?

  15. Im from Buffalo and I go home next weekend so ill give you some updates then :smile:
    The metro park is great! TONS of sales and cute clothes.
    the macys- got NOTHING!
    its cool to hear so many toki lovers from the area!