Tokidoki in Bay Area (All-over print hoodie)

  1. First time starting a thread, so a lil nervous lol!

    Anyways, if anyone was still interested in the women hoodies - the all over print with the girls all over and tan trim- they had two or three at Up Against The Wall at Southland (Hayward, CA). Don't know if they do chargesend, but I'd be willing to pick it up and mail it out if anyone really wants it.

    Ohh...and were any of ladies buying Spiaggia at Macy's in Southland today? I was looking at a campeggio but decided I didn't want it, and later it was gone! And one of the SA's said someone came in earlier and put two bambinones on hold...I smell fellow TPFer's! haha
  2. *sigh* too bad i aint got money lolz. i think i want the blue or momopeach hoodie though cuz my mom already has the all-over print w/ girls haha.
  3. Thanks for the info. I went to 4 different Macys on Thursday and I went again today and all the Zucca's and most of the BV's were gone.
  4. I have both of those hoodies and I :heart: them. You should get one:yes:
  5. i think they had one blue one....and some of the cactus ones. wasn't really paying attention to them lol I was looking for guy shirts since i can't fit the girl ones! lol let me know if you want the blue one, I didn't look at the size though :cursing: i should have been more thorough
  6. Thanks Kristine :biggrin: I don't think right now...maybe later I will need it if I get my new job lolz. I don't have a use for it right now unless I get that job and gotta catch the cold bus cuz it will cost less than driving haha.

    Lattegrl -- oh gosh, hopefully I will get one :biggrin: Not right now..but eventually hahaha.
  7. yea the SA at macys pulled out more spiaggia when she saw me looking...a BV, another campeggio, stellina and a gioco. I have a bv already from pulse but want to see if i could get better placement and exchange. did you get anything?
  8. i just realized that you probably won't be using it much lol. i need a new job too! hope you get yours!:smile:
  9. thanks! *sigh* if i do...i think i will order the momopeach sweater or something..unless someone knows of a deal on that one later hahah.
  10. ohh the daisy sweater is also cute!! the short sleeved one, and i think it's a little cheaper
  11. I found a Zucca that I liked better than the one I have so I bought it. I had purchased a BV and I had found one with better print placement so I went back today to exchange it and it was gone :crybaby:
  12. i was @ the Southland Macys yesterday! but it was early in the morning when it first opened. i'm also looking for a BV w/ a *teeny* bit better print placement. dont get me wrong, mine is nearly there, but i saw a BV that had it PERFECT and i wanted to see what other placements were out there :p and yea i saw the campeggio! it was BEAUTIFUL! too bad i'm not a campeggio person otherwise i would have bought it!

    btw, the SA pulled out MORE spiaggia when you were there?! i asked one of the SAs if they had more and she said that all that was up there was all they had >:O

    and theres an Up Against The Wall @ southland?! who woulda thought? i need to go check that place out. did they have spiaggia there?
  13. i went around 1 yesterday. Yea, the campeggio had awesome placement - but I was like "what would I use this for??" nothing! so I didn't get it, but it was gone later!

    And yea, the SA pulled out more. I was looking around at what was there and she put a spiaggia dolce back up and she was like "if you want, there's more in the back". I was like :wtf: cause I didn't see any BV' I told her if she had any BV's I would like to see them. So she came back with a BV, stellina and another campeggio. THe BV had the yellow bikini girl on both sides so I was like eh. She put all three back in the back though and then brought me out a gioco. It was mostly I just hung it on the toki rack. I didn't get the name of the SA though, I was trying to ask her if she had anymore BV's but she seemed really confused lol

    And yup, theres an up against the wall! I had called them a long time ago and they were like "tokidoki???" haha. but I went in yesterday and they had some sweaters and shirts right up front. No purses though :sad:
  14. I really want a all-over print hoody. Has anyone seen them online? (other than eBay)
    I live in Seattle and I have never seen Tokidoki clothes here- has anyone else?