Tokidoki in Atlanta

  1. Hi guys. I am currently in Atlanta visiting my sister and since there is absolutely NO TOKIDOKI in Ohio, I took this opportunity to try and find some. I really am not looking for anything right now, but thought I might stumble upon some great treasure...I didn't. But for those looking this is what I did find.

    Bloomingdales (Perimeter Mall and Lenox Mall)
    Bianco Solid - Bella and Buon Viaggio
    Black w/Citta Print - Buon Viaggio
    Adios Star - Buon Viaggio, Bella and Stellina
    Pirata - Buon Viaggio
    L'Amore - Campeggio and Buon Viaggio
    Spiaggia - Ciao Ciao, Buon Viaggio and Campeggio

    Metro Park (Perimeter Mall and Lenox Mall)
    Pirata - Buon Viaggio, Ciao Ciao and Zucca
    Adios Star - Zucca, Bella, and Canguro
    Spiaggia - Ciao Ciao, Buon Viaggio, Zucca and Canguro

    Metro Park Also had Tees & Hoodies
    Storm Hoodie
    Light blue hoodie with Daisies
    Rocketeer Tee
    Light blue tee with character sitting on the candy cane
    Grey Diavolina shirt

    There was one more that I can't remember. Everything was full price, no sales. But if you are a fan looking in the Atlanta area you may want to check these stores out.
  2. Thanks for posting this list it's very helpful!

    I will be going through Atlanta for a trip in a few weeks and was thinking of making a stop at Perimeter or Lenox Mall to see what Toki they had. I would love to see a Zucca in person (the only Toki I've seen irl is the ones I've purchased).