tokidoki in arizona!!

  1. HELLO!!!
    just curious if anyone in arizona knows of any stores in az that
    sell tokidoki but not just purses
    im more into the vinyl toys, tees
    & other stuff!!
    any help would be great!!:yahoo:
  2. Hi there, I'm in Chandler too!

    Macy's in Chandler and Scottsdale carries the bags, and Arrowhead says they have a few but I haven't been over there. Fiesta and Superstition Springs Macy's don't carry them at all. Not sure about Paradise Valley.

    Nordstroms in Chandler has 'em, but not Scottsdale - the Scottsdale store sends all of theirs to Chandler.

    That said, with all the high-end froofy shops we have in Scottsdale, you'd think that someone would carry the toys, jewelry, clothing, etc, wouldn't you? Haven't found anything yet, though.

    Anyone else in AZ?

  3. i tried nords @ scottsdale & im really suprised they dont carry it i guess its not expensive enough for snotsdale
    i looked @ chandler macys & didnt see them gonna have to try again i guess
    the atomic comics @ chandler had a comic book that has 1 picture of a tokidoki girl but i could not justify paying $10 for 1 picture
  4. I'm in AZ :smile: I live right by the Scottsdale Fashion Square. The Macy's there never has anyone by the handbags, only by the shoes :confused1:
  5. I work right near Scottsdale Fashion Square!

    Maybe they moved them? Tokis are with the rest of the handbags now, I was just there yesterday (and last week, and the week before that - but we won't go there!) :p

    They are kind of facing the Dooney case, to the side of the rest of the handbags, with the rest of the LeSportsac stuff.

    I've never seen any near the shoes - what do they have over there? I may need to wander in again soon to see if I missed something...


  6. Er, I meant they've never had anyone working in that section when I went to visit :sweatdrop: I had to track down someone in the shoe department to process an order.

    I get my best information about Tokidoki online anyway, so it's not a big deal..just odd ;)
  7. Oh, gotcha!! My mistake. There's an older Mexican lady who always seems to be working at the Dooney counter whenever I'm there...she loves Tokis and says she carries one herself. :smile: