tokidoki hunt.

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  1. My brother leaves today to go to the mainland for two months. He'll be in Cali, and I think Canada and NY and maybe some other places. I'm not going to ask him to go to specific stores, but at least to just keep an eye out if he does go to a Ross or TJ Maxx or another store that might carry tokidoki. It'd be awesome if he could find an OP/black denaro for my lonely bella bella and a camo canguro for my lonely ipod and gym gloves!!! Hehehe.
  2. ooh good luck to your brother! You should have him check out Century 21. I've never found a denaro there yet but maybe he's luckier than I am.
  3. Okay, he said he'll be going to West Hollywood, San Fran (I think), and LA... He'll be going to Seattle... And possibly NY.

    All of you that live in Cali, can you please compile a list of stores that carry tokidoki (preferably at a discount - hehe)? Thank you!!

    So far I've got Century 21 and JapanLA!
  4. Happy Six is in West LA on Sawtelle
    ShopOShun is in Arcadia
    Azalea in SF on Hyde I believe
    The Beehive in Manhattan Beach
    and any macy's, metropark, nords all have tokidoki
  5. Ugh! Now why can't Hawaii be like that?! *lol* If someone asked us for a list of who sells tokidoki bags...


    Oh, and DFS. *lol*
  6. maya do you know where in cali your brother will be at?
  7. nevermind, sorry.. i just re-read the post.. he'll be in LA area... :upsidedown:
  8. great list! there's also up against the wall that carries some stuff but I think mostly shirts and accessories

    I'm sorry hawaii doesn't have much maya! I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't see so much tokidoki here :sad:

    btw did you get my PM?
  9. Happy huntings to your brother! I hope he can find your denaro and canguro!! :smile:
  10. haha..same here!! :roflmfao:
  11. wow L.A. sure has a lot of places to find toki!! Hrmm I think NY needs to open more places where we can find toki at a discount. :yes:
  12. According the the SA, the Seattle Downtown Nordstroms carries the most amount of Tokidokis than all the other nordies (probably because they are store #1 and the flagship store). They are always getting more stock in. Also, Downtown Seattle is like 15-20 minutes north of Seatac airport.