Tokidoki Hoodies

  1. Does anyone know if the Tokidoki hoodies are preshrunk? I just got a short sleeved hoodie in S and it fits perfectly now but I'm afraid it'll shrink once I give it a wash. I don't want to risk 100 bucks to find out it won't fit anymore afterwards :wtf: I'm considering exchanging it for a M? Soo has anyone had their Tokis shrunks after a wash? :confused1:
  2. i don't dry my shirts or I am not much help my roommate did hers in the dryer until it was "damp" then line dried it I think it shrank very little but! it was easily stretched...she had no problems.
  3. I have dried my hoodies and shirts in the past (by mistake) and they didn't seem to shrink......I think the main issues is the decals / rhinestones but I have dried ones that have them on them too...and they still fit and are intact. I would suggest air drying them if you can though.