Tokidoki Hoodies

  1. Does anyone know of where I can get a tokidoki hoody? It's driving me crazy:cursing: All I can find are the ones with just a character or so on it. I would really like the all over print blue one....Or an even better one if there is one! Any online stores? I've been to karmaloop metropark 80spurple shoposhun....among countless others...:confused1:
  2. Check DEMO, Thats where I got my adios storm hoody. they had the love me chief short sleeve and the all over girls one too. Plus t shirts and toys. Its more of an urban brand store so I dont think people think of them while looking for toki. Or within the month there should be new hoodies out for the fall season, atleast I'm assuming so.
  3. ...our DEMO here had it, it went out FAST. HAHHHA. Could have been because it was in the display window.
  4. I went to a DEMO here and they had no toki :sad: I was like dangit ...
  5. Awww Jeanne :sad: Well, ours sell out pretty fast too (if yours ever had toki) I guess and they only have a few items anyway hahaha. The only toys I ever saw @ ours was Sandy, Bastardino & Polpettina and maybe only 5 different toki shirts & the all-over jacket oh and some men's shirts & hoodies.
  6. hmm yah I'm not sure if my DEMO ever had toki. The place looks kinda funky so I never went inside until recently .. lol :biggrin: I should have checked sooner.

    online stores don't really stock up on too many tees or hoodies in prints i like. I had to buy my Loves Me Chief hoodie off eBay .. thank goodness that went well ...
  7. I really wish I had a use for a hoodie, HAHAH. They're so cute. My mom bought the all-over print one from JapanLA the day it came out lolz...I wanted to but ahh...I couldn't justify it to myself.

    I feel funny walking into DEMO unless I have my bf with me lolz...people look at me funny? hahahah..
  8. lol all the people that shop at DEMO here are goth looking so I don't really fit in ... sometimes they look at me like "u supposed to be in here" ? :biggrin:

  9. Goth? Really?? Wow... I can't imagine anyone "goth" wearing hip-hop clothes... "I got my black make-up, my black nails, my stud choke collar, and my pink Baby Phat tight tee and rhinestone jeans!" Hahahah!!
  10. wait .. do all DEMOs sell the same stuff?? lmao I'm pretty sure mine caters to the goth/punk crowd ...
  11. Wow, really? Our DEMO sells hip-hop wear... Hot Topic sells goth stuff. It should be the same all across the US with DEMO stores... Even their on-line store is all hip-hop stuff.
  12. There are a couple on eBay for over retail.
    and the fake "japanese tourist" ones that keep selling for way more than they're worth. ick. :tdown:
  13. What about that new blue all-over latte hoodie that just came out? Is that anywhere online yet?