Tokidoki HOODIE~~!!

  1. yay!! i'm sooo happy right now. I just bought a tokidoki hoodie off of eBay.. the grey all over print storm one for only $85US including shipping!! it was only $75 plus $10 for shipping to Canada.. i think they still have a s and m listed. :nuts:

    i've been looking for one for so long.. plus its hard for me cause i live in canada so all the ones i've been looking at have been at 85+ plus shipping plus i'd be hit with customs if i order from an online store!

    i'm sorry, i just had to share my excitement.. hehe :yahoo:

    ... and i'm doing this instead of studying for my final... yikes! (then again if i wasn't online i wouldn't have found my hoodie!! :yahoo:x2!)
  2. congrats!!! :dothewave: :dothewave: :dothewave: :dothewave: That's a cute hoodie!!

    Now back to studying for're :banned: until you're done studying!! :graucho:
  3. I am very happy for you :biggrin: :biggrin:
  4. I want a sweater!!! but I'd rather use that money on a dress. I wish it didn't cost that much!!!

    Vmasterz: I'm soooo tempted! it's even cheaper than in sotres..but last I checked the M was too big for me...darn
  5. Toki makes a sweater? Am I missing something?
  6. Oh by sweater, I meant

    Sorry about the confusion. :lol:
  7. Really?? How big is the M? They had a S, but it was sold already..
  8. Hmm...well I guess I could've gotten it at UO but it looked a bit baggy on me...normally i don't mind baggy that was just my excuse not to buy just to buy...but the same happened with the sandy looked kinda big on me... I'm 5'3
  9. Oh Im glad I dont like the hoodies...its too hot here already theres no use for me using a hoodie here haha.. I thought the sizes would be like shirt sizes :shrugs:
  10. how are the hoodies sized? Does anyone know. I doubt a girl's XL would fit and I want to maybe get a storm guys if the price is right, but i'm a bit lost on size. I usually wear a Medium guys or if it is cut small, Large in girls normal cut xl typically, so I assume the girl cut is out, but would it be safe to do a L in the hoodie (guys)?

    Sorry if this is jumbled i'm on intoxciating allergy/flu meds so I'm definitely enjoying some retail therapy thanks to drugs!
  11. It's too hot here for hoodies lol...maybe in the winter I'd consider snatching one..we'll see. Still, winter doesnt' get that cold..just rainy haha.
  12. It depends. I wear an Xl in womens tokidoki and a Medium in the mens shirts. The mens hoodies run a lot bigger than the womens so you might be safe in a medium.
  13. Sempre- The M is big for you? what size tokidoki tee do you wear?
    Is it too long or too wide? ( or both ;) ).

    I'm thinking about getting this one, even though it's WAY too hot here right now as well, I figured I'll save it until october or something. :wlae:
  14. Hmm.. I can wear a small in toki's but if they shrink it would be tighter than I'm comfortable with. I bought M's, but those are a bit on the loose side. I tried on the storm sweater in M and it was big enough on me for you to tell it was around one size up. -depending on how you like to dress I guess it could be okay. I just didn't want to wear such a busy print in a baggy way. The Sandy sweater M was big on me too. For me, it was just a bit smaller than a men's small or kinda like a Misses M sweater. My shoulders are a bit wide, so if I wear something too baggy, I look dwarfed and wide. LOL It's a tad long, and wide for me, but it's the wide factor that bothers me more.
    Do the hoodies shrink?