tokidoki hoodie size.

  1. I was wondering for those of you who have the zip-up hoodies (I like the light blue Latte one), how do the sizes run? I keep hearing the shirts run small... are the hoodies the same? If any of you have 36D/DD or somewhere close to that, please tell me what size you wear!!
  2. HAHA, well I'm close, 38D and I use XL shirts in tokidoki. If that helps you at all Maya -- but you're skinnier than me so maybe L. Go to Le Lotus Bleu and try one on? :biggrin: When I tried on my mom's all-over print hoodie, it looked a little big on I'd say either Medium or Large for you perhaps?
  3. Oh, they have them at Le Lotus? I didn't know that! I never go to that store because it's so expensive!
  4. Well, one time I went they had the lattes hoodie. They only had ONE though. But yes, they have tons of Tokidoki shirts, at the Ward one & Ala Moana :biggrin:
  5. Oh goodness! I didn't know they had Le Lotus at Ward! *lmao* Can you tell I don't get out much? I'll try to go this weekend maybe... Not like I need more jackets... We live in Hawaii and I have a bunch of Roxy ones already!
  6. I have an XL storm hoodie. I'm 38dd(yes, big ones :p ) and it's pretty loose on me. I think that if I wasn't hella pregnant I would of went for an L.
  7. What about a 36D? What hoodie size is good for that? I'm a medium in shirts, sometimes a large, and I'm torn between and large and a medium for the short sleeved hoodie. Help?
  8. Which hoodies are you guys talking about ? Maya makes it sounds sooo pretty.... a light blue latte zip-up hoodies ..I want one too ! Yeah..I am what size should I get ?
  9. i'm a 38d/dd (depends on the bra) but i'm closer to dd overall, and I got the XL I believe in the chest area I could wear a L it might stretch a little, but the XL in chest area is roomy but I like wearing hoodies a bit more loose and t shirt's a bit more fitted. My roommate is a D I believe and the L fits her fine across the chest. Hope this helps!
  10. storm zip up love me print