Tokidoki Hawaii beach line

  1. hi all,
    I was just wondering if the tokidoki hawaii beach inspired line came out yet?

    On this site i read that it was due out in the summer.

    Has anyone seen it or does anyone know the release date.

    thanks to all who reply!! :smile:

    ps sorry if this was already on here tried searching and nothing came up!
  2. tachikomatic.. THANK you very much!! :yahoo:that looks like it!! yay!
  3. guccilove..youre in hawaii too? you can head to the lesportsac @ ala moana i'm sure they still have alot lol.
  4. Love Spiagggia!! I just got my Bambinone
  5. My Spiaggia Stellina will always be special to me because it was my first Toki. Print placement isn't perfect on the front (repeat on the pocket and random boobage) but the back is awesome. I love the drooling boy and the little rasta dude on the inner tube!

  6. my spiaggia was my second bag but my print placement isn't good either haha :sad: it's only good on the back like yours
  7. I love my placement on my Spiaggia Bambino...but I will probably never wear it because I need a bigger strap. I hate that small strap.
  8. that's the only thing i like about the ciao ciao. i just don't really like the style :sad:
  9. chellie i love it.. its so beautiful. i don't own a tokidoki yet but i really want one from this line! i like the girl with the flower in her ear. I've seen some and the print placement isn't that good.. :sad: i really want one!!