Tokidoki hairclips?

  1. Hey all, I was wondering which, if any, online stores that sell Tokidoki shirts (other than the official one) send the tokidoki hairclips as well? Online stores like azalea online, or bazaar adriatic, or metropark? I saw the hairclips on a friend of mine, and she got them at Yellow Rat Bastard in NYC, but I hate that store, got horrible service one time I went there, so I'm not going again, but they were so cute! So, help?
  2. Not a lot of online stores still have the shirts w/ hairclips... you might try asking them by contacting their customer service? Newer shirts never came with them... I got one of mine when I bought an older shirt (it was a bunny :biggrin:) from JapanLA... they might still have older shirts available there? Your best bet though is the smaller stores that have older shirts that are untapped or eBay
  3. aww i want the hairclips too! keep us in the know if you find out more!
  4. hairclips came with the older shirts.... i think now retail stores give out pins or stickers
    and MOST online stores do NOT give out anything with your purchase!!! (azalea, giantpeach)

    metropark gives out pins with purchase of a tokidoki tee...and maybe giantrobot
  5. idk i just went to the store today and they had some older shirts--yet no more hairclips?? it might be someone just pulled them all off! :nuts:
  6. which older shirts did you see? :graucho:
  7. i saw a blue hair girl with two bandage hearts, sandy head, bastardino, a girl on the motorcycle (like citta print), pizza mia, tiger girl--ok the ones i just listed sounds new :lol: :confused1: I dont keep up with the shirts so Im not too sure which is old or new cuz they all dont have hairclips!! :lol: and i think most are in large or xl :sad: so even if i wanted to buy them i mediums :lol: they dont have the new ones like the rocketeer, inferno, or candycane :crybaby: oh well maybe later :biggrin:

    how do you know if its an older shirt?? i noticed that a few shirts has no logo and the word tokidoki on the back of the shirt..but the rest do??? :shrugs:
  8. I think the tag that is connected to the shirt is the best way to tell if it's an older shirt. The newer shirts all have the tokidoki logo shape that you can open and read that little "tokidoki" bit inside. The older one's it was a rectangle that just had the tokidoki logo printed on it. The back has another girl logo and a sticker w/ the name, style, color, and size on a little sticker stuck on the tag. It should also be connected with a thick plastic loop and safety pin
  9. hmm..most of them have that logo tag-so it must be new?? but ive seen those there for awhile! :lol:..only one shirt had a rectangle tag with a sticker but its not connected to a thick plastic loop nor a safety pin :lol: :shrugs: