Tokidoki forum!

  1. Hi, through google I found a tokidoki forum :yahoo: Here is the address Hope you all check it out!

  2. i joined it around the 19th... there's not much activity going on there i've noticed... i have yet to post tho
  3. i registered. different boards might be able to get different news, ya never know.
  4. I'm registered there too. I signed up when I wanted to know what size a scuola was, but I still don't think my topic even had a reply. Here, I got a reply the same night I posted so I barely even go to the other forum.
  5. yah I saw that too!! but hardly anyone posts on it!
  6. I declare us the official toki forum because we are awesome!
  7. hahaha I totally agree :yahoo: even though this is a purse forum we still talk about other tokidoki merchandise and things
  8. yeah i found that site while i was searching for something :biggrin: