Tokidoki Foresta question!!!

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  1. Can anyone please tell me when the tokidoki foresta design is coming out?
    I like the foresta better than the citta rosa and i wanted to know when or where I can buy a foresta purse!
  2. I ahve seen teh foresta at my local macy's. If I had known it was coming so quickly I woud have waited on getting the citta rose.

  3. hm, does anyone know if or when I can buy foresta purses off of
  4. Is the Foresta the green line? I bought one this past weekend at Nordstrom's San Francisco.
  5. they have it in Nordstrom. they also have a stand alone lesportsac store in beverly center. you can also buy it from the lesportsac website.

    what's your location, mallygirl?
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