Tokidoki Foresta Print

  1. Hi, I have a Stellina in Foresta which I purchased on holiday when in Florida last October. Does anyone have a picture they could post of a great placement bag or picture of all the characters for Foresta. Just interested to see what characters my bag is missing if any?

    Thanks so much.

  2. That's Fab kkiimm, thank you for this link.

    If anyone has a swatch print they could post similar to the posting "Famiglia,Tutti,Transporto,Vacanze First Look Pics" I would be verty grateful. Nikki
  3. Just thought I would show you my Stellina in Foresta. Do you think this is a good placement? Nikki
    9466.jpg 9468.jpg
  4. I suggest going on e-bay to search for photos of a ciao ciao or luna... that way you'll be able to see the entire print, since there's no actual "swatch" of foresta (that we know of).
  5. It's not a complete swatch of the print, but between one side of my BV and my Trenino, I have a lot of the Foresta print.
  6. That is my perfect Foresta placement! Can I clone your BV?
  7. Haha, I know I love it! It's perfect for me. :love: I got a great deal on it too !!!:tup:

    I just edited out the pic of the one side of the BV from my post since it's kind of redundant with the back of my Trenino and the pics are so large.
  8. I really believe good placement is in the eye of the beholder. As long as it has the characters you want on it, then it's good placement. Some placements are more popular than others, but again, it's what makes you happy.;)
  9. Ah, I wondered what happened to the other side.
    The laughing tiger is my favorite character. So cute!!
  10. i think it is what you like :smile:
  11. Thank you for all your replies. Looking at my bag again and seeing angelic*ruin's bags I would have loved a laughing tiger and pink bird. I did find a laughing tiger but he is hiding in the left hand front pocket! This was my first ever Tokidoki bag so I think I will look into placement next time I purchase, just to make sure I have all the characters that are important to me. I'm feeling a bit sad as I have ordered a Zucca Vancze from Pulse to find that my favourite characters white kitty and husky dog are on the side of the bag. I would have loved them to be central to the front. Hey ho! Nikki
  12. People seem to go crazy for the snake and the monkeys. Personally I like Foresta all over.
  13. My fave characters are the sasquatches and the pink bird... And I was sad when I realized later I didn't have the tiger and the shark with the bone... But I've gotten over it, lol. There are many other cute things on this print.
  14. :tup: Love it