Tokidoki Foresta Print Question...

  1. Im looking for a tokidoki foresta print in mamma mia style....does anyone know any websites that sells them? i cant find them (besides eBay.. ).. ive tried macys, Nordstroms, pulsestl, fashionflairs, UO, azalea......please help...i love that print!!! thanks!! :biggrin:
  2. Have you tried the LeSportSac outlets?
  3. i dont think we have outlets here....ive looked everywhere here but cant seem to find it in that style...i know its kinda hard to find considering that it was last year's print...oh well ill just keep looking...thanks for your suggestion :biggrin:
  4. You can call the outlets and they'll send them to you. :yes: They'll just charge you for shipping. They're usually really nice and if you call and tell them the style and pattern they'll look for you. Also, there's no sales tax if they don't have a store in your state.

    They're supposed to be getting the Tokidoki fall and winter line sometime this month. The number's on

    Good luck! I love the Forresta print! It's so cute and colorful!
  5. thanks for the info...i didnt know the outlets can do that for you :biggrin:
  6. Did you find your foresta mamma mia anywhere?? :smile:
  7. Jen: oooh yes!!! :biggrin: ...what sucks about lesportsac outlets is that they emailed me back saying that they dont send to Guam...bah humbug..but nonetheless i found it and just got it in the mail yesterday! will post pics soon :biggrin:
  8. yay! cant wait to see it!! Im waiting for my ciao ciao to come into the mail too!
  9. post some pics too!:biggrin:
  10. Congrats!! :yahoo: Vmasterz - Where did you end up getting it from??
  11. thanks ...i got it at :graucho:
  12. yikes...i couldnt edit my previous post here is my pic of my new bag:yahoo:

  13. Did you get it on sale or was it regular price?? Does mjselect have an english website?? :graucho:
  14. I love it! Its to cute!!!
  15. yay for sandy! Great print!!