tokidoki for smashbox

  1. I have the 2 eyeshadow quads and the mirror. I really like the eyeshadow b/c it doesn't have too much color!! They have the mirror at Ulta if you have one near you, if not, their website has it - The Ultimate Beauty Site : Home or you can get it at if you really want it!
  2. thanks!! I think I should have an ulta coupon around here somewhere (hopefully it hasnt expired yet). I'll go today after work and hopefully they haven't sold out on the mirror!
  3. has it :smile:. free ship too. i just ordered it from there to save me a trip. hopefully they don't sell out on me.
  4. Nah, they shouldn't sell out they've had it forever!! I don't think you could've used the Ulta coupon on smashbox's not valid on prestige cosmetics and smashbox is part of that! :graucho:
  5. i've only got one eye shadow pallette & a lip gloss. i use them everyday, love the colors.
  6. bought both of the lipgloss colors--very nice on--natural looking
  7. lol.. I have been living in a box!! I JUST discovered tokidoki this week - and today I bought the dolcessima lipgloss and the compact mirror... SOOOOOO cute!! I LOVE it!

    I am now trying to catch up and read up on tokidoki in the tokidoki/le sportsac forum. The prints are all so adorable!

    this is kinda off topic.. but I sent a pic of mozzarella (Moofia) to my SO and he got a kick out of it too!
  8. honestly i thought the eyeshadows were not very good. the texture was subpar (grainy) to me and unpigmented. not worth $30 to me.

    the glosses are pretty, but nothing really unique as far as color goes. (i bought both though)

    my favorite is the cheek stick. wonderful color and blends nicely.
  9. the gloss was way too sticky for me.. i returned it :/
  10. The lipgloss color didnt look good on me and it was a bit expensive so I passed on them
  11. Whoa! I love this forum! I wouldn't know about this otherwise! Gonna get the lipgloss and mirror!! I hope the Sephoras in Canada have these!