tokidoki for plus-sized people

  1. okay so i'm a plus-size girl and it kinda sucks wearing tokidoki bags that don't fit right at the hip like they should. i wish the adjustable straps were longer. and are there any t-shirts or hoodies for plus sized girls?!

  2. I think some of the girls here who find the t-shirts and hoodies too small ordered the men's sizes. They say those fit well too, so I'd look into the mens sizes (plus they carry some of the same designs as the women's).
  3. thanks so much! tokidoki looks so good on smaller people but i'm jealous! lol
  4. Have you tried carrying them just on the shoulder instead of cross-body? I've got some meat on my bones and the Stellina does fit me a little too high cross-body... but it's perfect if I just wear it off the shoulder.

    I know what you mean about the t-shirts. XL womens is a size 8?! Geez Laweez!
  5. i'm not a small girl by any means, probably hover between 14-18, and I can wear the toki zip up hoodies in XL something I never thought I for t shirts haven't been quite that daring yet!
  6. If you want a cross-body, messenger-type bag, the corriere has a really long strap -- I'm 5'6" and if I let the strap all the way out, it hits halfway down my thigh! For comparison, the Stellina strap is 42", Campeggio is 44" and Corriere is 60" from seam to seam (there is a fabric tab on each side, between the strap and the body of the bag). The corriere looks really big when you see it flat, but when you wear it, it sort of curves around your body and doesn't look that big at all. It's a great bag, I love mine!

    As for clothes, the tees are microscopic but the hoodies are huge: the XL women's is a 42" chest, which is roughly the same size as the men's Small. I have an XL women's Sandy hoody, an XL women's Storm/Adios zip hoody, and a SM men's Ribs/Adios hoody, and they're about the same size. The zip hoody seems wider and boxier than the pullover hoodies. Maybe Jamie at JapanLA could measure the chest on some of the other sizes of men's hoodies and tees for you?
  7. thanks for this info, i have the xl in the storm hoodie and the colorful one (not sure of name) and the XL is snug in the chest but fits roomy all other places, damn boobs! I want the adios ribs hoodie maybe a small or medium would be good!
  8. I'm 5'6" and wear either a size 16 or 18. If anyone is interested I could post a few photos of what my bags look on a plus size toki lover. I have a small collection, corriere, ciao ciao, stellina and bambino. I've never used the bambino because I think it is too small for my larger frame. My 14yo daughter just might get it for her birthday in October.
  9. Could you post pics GreenBird? :smile:I'm about the same size. I've been thinking about ordering a corriere but not sure how it would fit on me. I haven't been able to find any at stores to try it out.
  10. i am big like a lot of you who have written here so i've bought a men's tee in Large and it's still snug. i wear a size 16. they are all indeed quite microscopic. as for bags, i find the buon viaggio works best on me. i do like the campeggio but when i wear it cross body, it's like a boob slicer. :push:
  11. HA! I totally know what you mean. Not flattering at all. :hrmm:
  12. I wear like a 18 top too, so I buy the mens t-shirts in XL & by the time I wash them the first time they shrink to fit just like I want for them to. I find that i like the BV & Stellina a lot. I tried Mamma Mias for a while but they were so hard to get on & off my arm easily. I usually don't wear the stellina cross body, but if I do I kind of sling it across my backside & try not to wear a V neck with it. I have some Treninos too, and I really like how they hang. they are a huge bag to use, bu they are nice to use I think..
  13. yay real sized girl love!! My roomie and I ares stoked about this thread!
  14. woohoo! it is true.

    i need to scope out this hoodie info and bug jaime at Japan LA

  15. okay cooooooooool thanks for all the info and help here! i'm 5'6 and wear about a size 16-18. i wear my stellina's and campeggio's on my shoulder and don't cross it over my body. i'd love to get a men's xl tshirt or a hoodie!! does anybody want to pm me some pics of you wearing the shirts or hoodies? thanks!! and thanks for all the replies!! :heart: