Tokidoki For Lesportsac Winter Collection!

  1. I want to buy the Scuola backpack but I'm not sure which print I should choose. I love the paradiso and the foresta. HELP!
  2. I think the paradiso is better for bigger bags...the foresta is really bright and has a lot going on. But I LOVE the foresta line. I can't find any pieces for it anymore! *cries*
  3. Blushingbaby do you live in New York? I went to the Macy's in Herald Square on my lunch hour today to check out the new prints and they had a lot of the Foresta pattern- more so than the new winter patterns.
  4. If you don't happen to live in New York and you live in San Francisco, Bloomingdales, Nordies and Macys carry a ton of Foresta prints.
  5. thanks for the hints on where to find the beloved foresta...but i am in canada *cries*
  6. Why don't you order the foresta online and use the coupon? I think they still have everything and you'll save $25.
  7. Hee, I have the foresta in ciao ciao...everyone comments on it, and I looove it. I love bright colours (and adore the print), so it's great by me. :smile:
  8. Where are you, blushing? taschen carries some tokidoki, but you need to get on their lists to get called as soon as the new stuff comes in, or it's gone in 24 hours. Their foresta is probably totally gone, although IIRC the Yonge store (I'm in Toronto) had one piece left last time I was there.