Tokidoki for LeSportsac Reprints

  1. Hi guys! I'm new around here :heart: I acquainted myself with the boards in and around new years, and now I can't get myself out of here! :nogood:

    So I had a question, I remember something about the foresta reprint being only available in Hawaii and Guam.... Will this be the case for all of the reprints? I only found tokidoki this past year and I wish *so much* that I had been around to snatch up some of the cuter prints :crybaby:

    My collection isn't big by ANY means, but I do love the prints, and all of Simone's designs! (And the usual utility of most LeSportsac bags, while I'm at it...) I don't really want to resort to buying things of off eBay...I recently bought something through someone on Livejournal, and that made me anxious enough :lol:
  2. I think lambfashionista mentioned in her tokidoki blog there could be a possible citta rosa reprint. I forgot which post had that.

    I'm not sure about reprints for all the other ones.
  3. Yup, that's where I had originally read about it, I just wasn't sure if the reprints were going to be released anywhere else :shrugs:
  4. Yes, it will.
  5. Awwwww, I guess eBay will be the way to go then? Or sheer luck perhaps? :p
  6. Just read on a Tokidoki blog that there is a rumor that there might be a re-release of 3 prints this year only in Hawaii and Guam:
    Feb 2008-Paradiso, March 2008- Inferno, and April 2008-L'amore

    I am hoping that this rumor is true!!! I still need an Inferno for my collection to finish and Evilbay is just wayyyy tooo $$$$$$ for those prints! I will be starting to save now.... :happydance:
  7. But the Hawaii re-releases are at a higher retail price than ours here in the mainland ! I just bought a Foresta Gioco for $ 255.00 it was part of the Hawaiian re-release . Just be ready to pay alot more than you pay here . And the Hawaii Lesportsac stores don't take a credit card over the phone . You have to mail a money order and they do not hold items either ! From what I heard from the first re-release people were buying the Foresta by the box loads ! ( Yes you heard me right box loads to be sold on e-bay for a much higher price !) So in a way I'm excited for these re-releases but after what I've just spent on a must have item for me I'm a little sad of the prices !
  8. ^ Omg that sounds horrible well mailin a Money Order. I don't like to send anything other $20 or even $10 in the mail. I want to get some infernos and paradiso! T_T
  9. I don't like sending a money order either but I got lucky as I bought mine from someone on another Tokidoki Forum ! Plus when you pay Hawaii retail and you want a particular print placement , over the phone may be hard . As I've said I'm very happy with the bag I purchased because I got to see it from all angles and made a choice based on that . I'm just a little wary of doing it over the phone as the cost is higher and me being upset when the bag comes in and not being 100 % happy with placement . There is nothing like picking your own bag or at least e-bay you can see what you're buying !
  10. UGH, that's horrible! I hope a lot of members here and on LJ can get their hands on some :biggrin: I much rather do a person-to-person transaction than something through eBay, especially if they're going to be at ridiculous prices :sad:
  11. damn! how about OP!!! its so hard to find in the green hardware!!
    i wish they'd reprint that!
  12. Why do they only re-release them in Hawaii and Guam?? How diappointing :sad:
  13. I'd love it if they reissued OP and made some of the newer styles of bag with it. I would so love an OP zucca.
  14. I was at the LeSportsac Ala Moana store yesterday and the SA confirmed that they will be getting the Paradiso in February and the Inferno in March but they could not tell me exactly when they will be getting them in....hopefully soon.
  15. I heard about this and when I was at the store yesterday, I asked the SA if it was true and they told me that it was not. She said that they limit quantities sold per style so that everyone will have a chance to purchase a bag. It only looked like the person was allowed to purchase a lot because the bags were still stuffed with paper. They also told me that I could hold a bag up to three days but that after three days, it goes back to the salesfloor.