Tokidoki for Le Sportsac

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  1. Do you know who Simone Legno is? He's an Italian artist (his style is very Japanese-oriented) who has recently co-operated with Le Sportsac for a complete line of handbags, gadgets and accessories. Here are some examples




    What do you think about this line? I have just discovered it and I think it's really cute and funny, perfect for the spring season.

    A curiosity: the articles' names are in Italian :smile:
  2. eh.. that last one is too embellished, and they haven't graduated out of ripstop nylon into leather yet? It looks too much like it's marketed to tweens.
  3. Well, I think it is conceived for tweens, but I would like to buy one anyway: these are what I call 'fun bags', not designer bags but something cute and colourful to wear in spring/summer-time.
  4. There are two other threads on this line going right now! I bought one of these bags two days ago for my niece -- she's 14.
  5. Yes, I'm sorry, I've realized the presence of the other threads just after writing this :sad:
  6. I like these bags, looking to get one for my baby sis. I guess the new styles are already out, but haven't been to that boutique for a while.
  7. i have the same one issmom bought for her niece.....i'm 21 and i don't think i'm too old for these bags at all.....they're cute/quirky and i love the ripstop nylon plus the leather bits darken like LV's do which i think will be a nice contrast to the white......and they are extremely practical ....the ciao has many zippered compartments so i don't hafta worry about someone stealing my wallet on the train.......and besides, they're just so cutem and we can appreciate cute at every age....
  8. I think it's a fun bag as well...not just meant for the teens. It does come in all black with the print on the inside, too. It's not designer, as mentioned earlier, but totally cute:biggrin: I can't help but love it!:love:
  9. I think the Tokidoki bags are pretty cool. LeSportsac is somewhat becoming the 'Swatch' of handbags - not designer per se, but a revolving door of fun, childlike designs in affordable, durable materials.

    The artist behind Tokidoki is one of those urban toy designers (Kubricks, et al) that are hot right now, so there is some collectability there.

    This is my first post, by the way. Hi, everyone.
  10. Welcome we are glad to have you! :biggrin:

    I don't think these bags are for me, but they are fun. I also think they are geared toward a younger audience, but then again anyone could wear it and different types of people could pull it off!
  11. Anyone still into these bag? Anyone bought new ones or heard of the next print and/or when it will be coming out?:biggrin: \
  12. I think one of my fd might like this style! Maybe I should let her know.
  13. I bought 5 different styles of the tokidoki! It is SUPER cute.. aaaaa.. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I am still missing the buon vaggio style though.. Anyone who knows where to get them, please PM me! :cry:
  14. Oh yipee!! Which 5 styles did you buy? :amuse:
  15. bambino, dolce, luna, scoula, mamma mia