Tokidoki for laptop bag?

  1. I'm getting a new laptop...a Sony Viao and its dimensions are 12.5" w x 9.3" d x 1" h. Anyone using them as laptop bags? If so, what laptop do you have?

    I can't quite find dimensions that work on the lesportsac site...I have a ciao ciao and it fits but its kind of akward...I was hoping for some more suggestions.

    The dimensions of Buon Viaggio are 10.25 x 16...but I'm not sure how exactly it would fit they give their dimensions as lenght x width or width x length?....think I can cram it in? These bags don't really give much.

    I really want to use one as a laptop bag...I hope I can get something to work! Stupid computers and not being small enough, my old powerbook fits in everything!
  2. A buon would easily fit your laptop, but I don't know how easy that would be to carry. People seem to usually go for the campeggio for laptops. I'm kinda starting to lean that way myself.
  3. My BF just bought a Cucciolo (the baby bag) for his laptop. He also has a sony vaio and it fits in the back pocket where the changing pad is...he wraps the computer in the changing pad and slides it in the back pocket. It would also fit inside the main compartment if you feel safer w/it in there.

    I'm not sure who it is but someone else on here uses that same bag as her laptop bag...I don't think you can go wrong w/that one!!
  4. I would go for a campeggio or cucciolo. The Buon Viaggio doesnt have enough structure or support to hold a laptop.
  5. i use a cucciolo for my laptop! fits PERFECTLY!!
  6. I use the Buon Viaggio as my laptop bag and love it - easy to carry around and spacious enough to take along the charger and other accessories when travelling.
  7. i dont think there is a bag that is big enough for my 17" laptop :sad: or is there??
  8. Haha weird question, but does the Cucciolo's changing pad fit in the Campeggio?
  9. Do you mean your desktop!! :graucho: LOL!!! J/k!
  10. Hahaha! I agree, thats a big laptop! Mine is only like less than 13! and its still hard for me to find something =[
  11. I put my laptop in my Trenino.
  12. Are the bags like Campeggio and Cucciolo padded at all?

    How about the Trenino?

    If not, how do you protect the laptop?

    Anyone have 14 inch wide laptop that they fit in a Campeggio? I'm thinking I would have to have a Cucciolo but they are so much harder to find (and more expensive!) than the Campeggios.
  13. The Trenino has a teensy weensy bit of padding on the sides. I just concentrate on not dropping it with the Vaio in it. A small price to pay....
    I :heart: my Trenino. I use it as a briefcase and also as a suitcase for my baby when we travel. :yes:
  14. And if anyone gets the baby bag and doesn't have a baby....let me know if you don't need the changing pad!:graucho:
  15. Haha! I have a laptop skin, it would protect my laptop in the Campeggio! HTH