Tokidoki for iskin, tokidoki for Smashbox, etc...

  1. This might not be allowed, since this is really a handbag forum, but I've seen a few people with the tokidoki iskins in their "what's in your bag" posts, and I wanted to see who else has them, and also if there's anyone else who buys the Smashbox collab?

    I've been ordering all of the makeup off of eBay as it comes up -- I like that some of it shares the names with the bags, like dolce (blush), stellina (mirror compact). I have the Drammatica lipglos and it's my favorite color lipgloss in the world. :heart:

    They're def not as cool as the hangbags, but the artwork is so adorable!
  2. I have an iSkin & a lipgloss..that's it lol.
  3. I have the Iskin and the entire make up collection and the mirror
  4. I have the Tsuru 30gig iSkin. And I love it! Although the corners get stained dirty quickly.
  5. I have the Milky Time iSkin for my 2G 8GB nano and it's sooo adorable. The only thing annoys me is the sticker for the screen... doesn't stick very well.
  6. I was thinking about getting the smashbox mirror, but it was way too pricey...
  7. Yeah, and the ones on eBay are retail AND they have dents in them. WTF? I'm hoping my favorite smashbox seller (andyfrog) gets some more in stock.

    The Sephora-exclusive blush (Dolce) and half-moon brush are both up now as well for a fraction of the price (retail: $48, BIN $8.90 and $5.25) but they're sold separately without boxes. I love the blush brush!
  8. I have both of the eyeshadow quads, and I'd have an iSkin for sure - if they made them for the 80g video. :crybaby:
  9. i have the cactus party iskin for my 4gb ipod nano.
  10. I have the Stellina makeup mirror :heart: I'd so have more of the smashbox collab if they sold more here. The mirror is all I can find in any Sephora or Ulta.
  11. I have 2 stellina mirrors, dolcissimia lip gloss and the skin tint. I would buy the eyeshadows/blushes, but all I ever wear is chapstick and some lip gloss. I'm waiting for an iskin for the new ipod :smile:
  12. I might just cave and buy the mirror from Smashbox' website/Sephora, since none have popped up on eBay for a reduced price. D:
  13. for those of you with the lip gloss- would any of you mind modeling the color? It could be on your hand or on a paper, unless the colors are true to form on the site (sometimes they're a shade darker or lighter when it comes to makeup). I was considering buying them, but some colors make me look like I'm super young! thanks if you can :smile:
  14. they might still have some at shopper's drugs mart the ones with the boutique, i seen them there on granville by the old holt renfrew but not sure if they have anymore.
  15. I can model Dramattica. :biggrin:

    Here it is on the back of my hand. It's a lot more sheer on the lips, I think.