Tokidoki for Hello Kitty

  1. I just saw on under collaborations, that Tokidoki is going to be doing a Hello Kitty line. The necklace looks soo friggin cute! It just says "comming soon" but I need to know how soon!

    Sorry if this has been posted, I did a search and nothing came up..
  2. omg its so cute. I want it!!! I hope they have more than just a necklace.
  3. hello kitty AND tokidoki? .....that'll be my new obsession when lesportsac stops making the bags!
  4. I believe that it's coming out in december? But I don't know for sure! That's just the month stuck in my head from previous talk about the collab.
  5. idk, i still do not like it..but i guess i feel as if i am too old for HK.
  6. I like going into the Sanrio stores and looking at Hello Kitty stuff but I haven't actually bought anything there in ages. The last thing I ever bought was a ChocoCat for my sister.
  7. I still buy the mechanical pencils and little dinky stuff from there. I love having the cute pens and pencils from there. I never get HK, but I usually get Chococat or something.

    I think Sanrio will be in my blood until I die because I was literally born into it.
  8. yah their pens are cute. I had bought a HK pen and stationary pad for my coworker because she LOVES HK. I've never seen her use it tho .. haha
  9. Funny...HK was long after my time, so I was never into it. But now, I think she is SO cute! I got the enamel ring from Neiman Marcus last year and love it :heart:

    I would be very excited about the toki and HK collaboration!
  10. I cant wait to see what they have!! :nuts:

    I'm not that big of a fan of the "newer" Hello Kitties.. I like the originals more. Whenever I go into Sanrio, I always look at their Snoopy stuff and pencils :biggrin: Thats where I buy all of my phone screen wipers from!
  11. Did ne one see that toki tour bus??? its awsome!! i would love to take pics with it!! or ride in it!!!
  12. yea i heard that they will be released in december. not 100% positive tho
  13. im totally excited... I have loved hello kitty for the LONGEST time.. I am gonna DIE when it comes out!! hehe
  14. i'm not too old for hello kitty yet, & can't wait till they start releasing stuff!
  15. I can not wait.