tokidoki for Hello Kitty arrives in Hawaii!!

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  1. After much anticipation, those of us on the pre-sale list for the tokidoki items got the call from the Ala Moana Sanrio today! It was tough waiting this long, especially when I knew our friends in SF and NY got their items already!

    I ended up with the mini bag and the cosmetic case. We were limited to only two items each, and it was hard picking! The Boston Bag sold out the fastest, but I am very happy I decided to go with the "mini" bag instead. I put that in quotes because it really isn't such a small bag. I would say the size is right between a Mamma and a Mamma Mia, but closer to a Mamma Mia. It's perfect for toting around and is comfortable on the arm and the straps are long enough to fit on my shoulder (though I probably won't carry it that way).

    It was hilarious to go to the store and see at 4 other tokidoki fans (all carrying tokidoki for LeSportsac bags, of course!) almost salivating at the thought of getting their hands on the long-awaited merchandise. Interestingly enough, a young *guy* was picking up his purchases too (he got the plush and the cosmetic bag). I was dying to ask him who it was for, but the poor soul already looked extremely uncomfortable being in the store in the first place.

    Two of the gals in line were picking up their Boston bags and wallets. When they brought out the Boston bag, I was shocked at how big it was! It was really cute too, but I'm really glad I decided to go with the smaller bag.

    The cosmetic bag is also a lot larger than I thought. If it had a strap on it, you could definitely carry it as a pochette. The accompanying mirror is adorable, and this case can really hold a lot! It's got inside pockets as well.

    Overall, I'm thrilled to get my purchases! If I could do it over again, I probably would have gotten the wallet instead of the cosmetic bag, but I think both of my items will get a lot of use.

    Thanks for reading this long post! Can't wait to hear from other Hawaii tPFers!

  2. congrats on your purchases leilani
  3. I couldn't decide between the Boston Bag and mini bag so I did what any other girl would do I bought both ! The sales assitants I spoke to both in San Francisco and New York said the Boston Bag is without a doubt the most requested item in the whole line and has always been the first item to sell out . I also bought the big wallet too ! This line is so cute ! I am now preparing for the L'Amore re-release now ! Was it crazy ? Way to go Leilani I heard Hawaii got only 36 Boston Bags ! This line has been hard to get !
  4. do you have photos!? Sounds cute!
  5. Please post pics- congrat- I got my necklace a few weeks ago- I think I have been wearing it everyday
  6. Congrats :smile: I didn't even know it was already out here haha...I'm not interested in buying just because of price/gold color...but I'm glad you got what you wanted :biggrin:
  7. How much are these bags and wallets? I'm seeing them on eBay for a lot, and just wondering what the retail is. Thanks!
  8. are they nicely made? so many of the Sanrio bags are sort of poorly made. are these of nice quality? where did they have them in new york? let's see some photos please!!!!!!!!
  9. I bought the cosmetics case this weekend and I think it's very nicely made. I was hoping that they wouldn't have any left at Sanrio Times Square that way I wouldn't be tempted to buy anything but argh ... there they were sitting behind the register so I bought one :lol:
  10. Here's what I picked up....

    Make up bag and card case. The WL for the bags were closed by the time I tried to WL.
  11. cute! do u have a pic of interior of card case?
  12. o0o0o i'm calling ala moana sanrio TODAY hahaha
  13. SAORRY DyME_A_DOZiN if you look at the original date this was posted you will find by the time you called everything will be long gone ! I called Ala Moana a couple of days ago to find out about the L'Amore re-release and all they had from the Tokidoki For Hello Kitty Line was the mirror . It was priced at $ 130.00 and that is all that left . Hawaii like the other four Sanrio stores in the United States that carried has been long sold out ! Each store had a waiting list longer than the products available ! Sorry but you had to know about this line from the very start to have any hope to obtain anything from this very exclusive line ! Sorry ! But good luck with your search ! I think your only hope at this late date is E-Bay . But if you haven't looked already prepare yourself the prices are crazy ! And now that the handbags are in the hands of private owners the bags are priced in the hundreds !