Tokidoki flower hoodies...

  1. I posted this at the end of another thread, but I wasn't sure if everyone would see it.
    : Street & Contemporary Lifestyle Fashion Store - BazaarAdriatic
    They have the all over print flower hoodie and t-shirt as well as a really cute short sleeve hoodie that is a little more low key. (I already ordered one :smile: )
  2. Oh no, I love the short sleeve hoodie. I'm already buying ridiculous amounts of tokidoki, and then what with the kidada bracelet last night and this? I'm going to be broke!

    But what a fashionable broke person I will be... ;)
  3. I ordered the short sleeve one! The all over print is great but I just don't feel like it looks that great on me. The short sleeve hoodie is super cute though. I like the lining in the hood and the poofy sleeves.
  4. Thanks for sharing. These hoodies are cute!
  5. too cute! Robokitten post pics when you get it!! I am thinking about getting one soon. But I saw a latte sweatshirt that someone on TPF has and it is to die for! (cant find it online though, figures!)
  6. Okay, I think I need the short sleeve gray flower hoodie. How cute is that?
  7. I got one too! Can't wait to get it.
  8. I was just in MetroPark SanJose and they have all these hoodies in stock! I actually picked up a tokidoki white w/silver sparkle pinstripe button down w patches of sandy, and bastardino and his girlfriend on's too cute!! I also got a moofia t-shirt!
  9. Ahh so irresistible!!!
  10. A hoody w/ Sandy on it??? I must have it!!!
  11. ^^^whoa, that sounds like a must have! pix?

    thanks for posting the site, its got some great stuff! i was wondering where to get the clothes!

    how do the shirts fit? loose? fitted? super fitted?
  12. The shirts seem like they're more super fitted than the hoodies. They are junior sizing.
  13. Is it just me, or do the flower hoodies look like they run smaller than the first all-over print hoodie? I need to find/try on these items in person because none of the websites selling them list their measurements.
  14. Does anyone know of a B&M store that carries this stuff in the LA area?
  15. It's not a hoody, it's a button down shirt...still it's too cute! It is pretty fitted but I still :heart: it!