Tokidoki Fans

  1. I know there are plenty of Tokidoki fans here. How many of you also purchase other Tokidoki items? Not just the bags?

    Since discovering the bags in Aug I ahve added 2 other bags to my collection, an ipod cover, a tshirt, a figurine and am dying to add a skateboard deck, but won't since I don't skateboard.

    How about everyone else? Just a tokidoki bag fanatic or Tokidoki in general? I work for a book publisher and am trying to get one of the editors here to contact Simone about doing a kids book. Wouldn' that be great?!

  2. I bought a toki toy haha. Its some weird wrestling man. I would buy clothes if I can find it in the stores some where. I would buy books created by him too! :smile: Good luck!!
  3. I looooove the ipod cases, but they are only for the newest 30g ones.


    They need to make them in more sizes.
  4. I collect pretty much everything tokidoki. I have tokidoki bags from each season, as well as all the toys, some jewelry, a watch, an ipod cover, and the makeup line. I love the character designs.
  5. I just learned about Tokidoki yesterday on TBF and now I am hooked. I ran to our Macy's today, but they were closed for inventory until 5:00--I wonder if that is a sign?
  6. i have 4 tokidoki bags, a wallet, and 2's sooo cute!
  7. I'm a huge Toki fan and I love everything! I have 6 bags (gioco, 2 bella bella's, stellina, luna and buon viaggio) and at least one from every season, 1 denaro, 2 caramellas, 1 angioletto, 6 shirts, tokidoki dunny, sandy, polpetina, bastardino, sabochan, 2 necklaces, both lip glosses and 1 eye shadow. I think thats everything! I want a skate deck to but I dont skate and if I did I wouldnt want to get it dirty so I probably wouldnt use it. If anyone is ever look for any particular item let me know and I'm pretty good at finding items and discounts to go with them.
  8. Hi! i havent seen you one here in a while. I went to Sunrise Mall a few weeks back and they had Toki. Did Arden get it in yet? I heard the bags are on sale at Macys? Did you get anything?
  9. Which necklaces do you have/where did you get them? I'm having a real difficulty finding the jewelry locally and I'm really dying for more!

    I've considered getting the skate deck as well - you could always hang it on the wall as "art".

    I am almost embarassed to admit, I currently have 12 tokidoki bags.... My SO groans every time I come home with another!
  10. I love tokidoki! (thus the name.) :p Im just getting started. I have Tokidoki print in Dolce, Playground print in bambino, denaro(the wallet) in Playground and inferno inmamma mia. I have one Tokidoki t-shirt and the eyeshadow quad in celebrita from smashbox. I heard that Summer 2007 will be his last with LeSportSac so I definantly want to get one in each print. Its hard here because I live in Hawaii and all the bags are at least twenty more than the lesportsac website. I am very lucky to have met Simone Legno and I am happy to say he is the most humble person I have ever met, and all of my tokidoki bags (and my wallet) are signed by him. The great thing is he not only signed the bags, but drew on them as well. I have all sorts of characters on my bags!!

    I can't wait for PIRATES in February!!! I want to get either ciao ciao or canguro. :yahoo:
  11. Hey how are you? Yeah, I've been so busy! Arden still hasn't received Toki yet. I was reading maxa's post I can't believe they were close for inventory! We have inventory from 8:45pm-5:15am for two nights straight! It's so crazy! I haven't been shopping for about a month now. haha I want to but with all the holidays the past few weeks, I've been too busy. I really want to go shopping though. Have you been shopping lately?

    Let me know if it is on sale there, I will swing by Sunrise and pick something up. Did you ever get your original print from that lady?
  12. I went to the LeSportsac outlet at Waikele last week and they had some of the larger sized bags for 30% off in the older prints. It was the first time I saw them there. I didn't pick any up though. You might want to be on the lookout there.
  13. rileygirl- Thanks for the heads up! What part of O'ahu are you from? Im sad, everytime I go into the Waikele outlet they are out of stock on Tokidoki. Im pretty sure they are gone by now :sad:
  14. smashbox cosmetics is doing a todidoki theme for a limited time

    get a free lip gloss in cosmo at checkout:
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  15. I'm from Mililani and I go to Waikele almost every week but I just started checking out the Lesportsac outlet recently. If I see anything there I'll PM you. Don't forget that he'll be at Sephora on Friday from 12-4? I think. I can't go, gotta work. Oh well....