tokidoki fabric?

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  1. A few times, I've seen fabric sell on ebay, that is tokidoki or at least looks very much like tokidoki,

    did the make fabric and is there anywhere to find it if so, it'd be so much fun to cross stitch the shapes on it and make pillows.

    that was super crafty/nerdy of me!
  2. Hmm I've never seen it.:wondering That would be cool though to be able to make your own creations.
  3. haha. i'd love to find some but i have no idea where or how. grr!
  4. wow I had no idea that people sold toki fabric ... or that they even had fabric up for sale. I wonder how she got a hold of it. I mean is this something that the general public can get a hold of? I'd totally love to make my own stuff .. lol or have my mom make something for me .. :biggrin:
  5. i know! i must try to find it i emailed her hopefully she'll give up her source!
  6. oh I wanna add that I'm amazed by some of the stuff you all find on eBay! When I do searches I never find all this cool stuff.
  7. tokidoki fabric huh.. that's pretty cool! i used to make pillow stuff..
  8. ooh I'd like a toki pillow, bedsheets and comforter cover .. lol
  9. Seriously! keep us in the loop!!! i'd LOVE to get me some of that and make a pillowcase and cloth makeup bag/pencil holder!
  10. hey girls... i'm kinda new to posting around here but I luv this forum. (it's addicting)

    anyhoo, tokidoki fabric!?! that is awesome-- i foresee a lot of creative projects!
  11. i'll keep everyone posted if she tells me!
  12. I really love that print..I have 2 shirts with it *sigh* idk if I would be able to sew it to make a pillow...I mean I could.......hmmmmmmmmm. LOL.
  13. well, she responded but didn't really answer where she got it from just that she didn't have any more...which isn't what i really asked, but okay.