Tokidoki earrings and jewelry in NJ????

  1. Nice to see Tokidoki has it's very own section. I read thru a lot of the threads....lot's of great info.

    I live in NJ, I'm wondering if anyone here knows a store in NJ (or in NYC) that sells the Tokidoki jewelry...I'm really looking for the heart and crossbones earrings. Any info would be helpful. I read in another thread that japanla is going to have an online store soon, but it's not up yet.

    Thanks guys!!!!:supacool:
  2. has jewelry! and shop (official website where you can buy jewelry as well)

    azalea has free shipping and tokidoki makes you pay and arm & a leg for shipping but they both shipped to me relatively fast

    i have yet to see a website to sell his whole collection of jewelry tho.
  3. Even though japanla's website isn't up yet you can still place an order from them. You can either call them or send them an e-mail. They ship pretty fast too.
  4. Thanks for all your help!!!! :yes: :idea: