tokidoki dreams?

  1. I wondered if anyone else has had dreams involving tokidoki or if I'm just completely insane.
    I had one last week where my Dolce ripped at a seam on the side that isn't really there. I thought 'oh, this means I'll have to use a different bag' and wasn't upset about it at all in my dream. The other night I had a dream where I was at a store or a mall or something and I have no idea what else happened, but there was a guy with a fake Inferno bag. I was happy to have seen someone with tokidoki finally, and amused that it was a fake.
    That's a bit odd; isn't it? Has anyone else had dreams like this?

    Also, maybe a bit OT, (but the name of a favored print&style combo) I thought this was pretty amusing: the movie "Fever Pitch" is apparently L'Amore In Gioco in Italian.
  2. hahahaha yea actually i HAVE had dreams where tokidoki was involved....except i dont remember them now.
  3. :roflmfao: reading about your dream, and i just cracked up!!! that is so funny! the only dreams of toki i have had are the ones since i joined this forum!!!:> just being online and talking about it and then looking at pix of toki bags and stuff, and then i would dream of surfing the net for tokis...but thats the extend of it, so far anyways!!!
  4. Ok, now I feel better that I'm not completely insane. :biggrin:

    haha, I haven't surfed the 'net yet, but that might come soon. I used to take orders for things over the phone for my job, so I would have recurring dreams [or nightmares, maybe] of being on the phone and not being able to find what the customer wanted. I'd wake up thinking I was still on the phone with them. it was annoying. hah
  5. don't worry. u are def not alone. when i first found tokis, i dreamt about them for a week. when i told my husband, he said i had real problems. :wacko:
  6. i made a post a while back about dreams i had about toki! it definitely happens!
  7. Oh Thank God! I thought there was seriously something wrong with me!
  8. lol:lol: yes, I remember posting a while back about my wild n' crazy Toki dreams. I still remember dreaming of them releasing a Toki solid in the hot pink color (like L'Amore inside lining) only with L'amore inside print. I still think a hot pink Zucca would be fabulous!:drinkup: You're definitely not alone with having Toki dreams!
  9. A couple months ago someone posted on the forum that they ahd found some toki bags at the Up Against the Wall in their local mall. Not just tokis but Foresta Zucca tokis!

    When I read that I was just kicking myself that I had not gone into the Up against the Wall when I'd been at the mall in Denver the past week. I could clearly see the storefront in my mind....

    So that weekend I drove all the way to Denver to check out the Up Against the Wall at Park Meadows Mall. Only problem was there was no Up Against the Wall in the mall. So I decided I must have seen it at Cherry Creek, so I drove there. No Up Against the Wall there either.

    Okay it must have been at one of my two local malls. Only I really don't remember EVER seeing one at either one. But I checked any way. Nope, no UP Against the Wall in either one.

    At about this point I realized I must have DREAMED that I saw an Up Agaisnt the Wall. When I really thought about it carefully I realized the picture in my mind (of the mall) is of a place I had never seen before!!

    This is not the first time I've had a dream that I didn't realize was a dream for quite awhile. I guess there is a drawback to having very vivid, lifelike (and often mundane) dreams. Telling truth from fiction can be hard :smile:
  10. The one and only repeating dream that I had of Tokidoki is that I am so filthy rich, I have a special room in my mansion which showcases all the Tokidoki bags ever released .. yup, like in a Tokidoki warehouse but only the setting is more tasteful. That's a very good dream ...
  11. The only toki-related dream I had was about this eBay auction I was watching...I dreamed that someone else outbid me on that toki and was really
  12. "dreamsoftoki", you definately live up to your toki name!!!! :roflmfao:
  13. i would KILL to have a hot pink bag! im surprised they didnt do one - i mean, they did that god awful orange for crying out loud! the hot pink wouldve FLOWN off the shelves way faster!