tokidoki dreams!

  1. am i the only weirdo that has dreams about these bags?? :shrugs:

    i had this dream last nite - where i went to a dept store, i think it was supposed to be marshalls or something random, and they had a clearance area with ORIGINAL PRINT CORRIERES! (which dont really exist :push: ) plus some other cute prints & styles that don't really exist except in my dream lol. So when I was in the store, I ran into a bunch of people from this board (even though i've never seen pictures of any of you!) and someone was like, oh i heard they're getting a special shipment of some new stuff in... so im already carrying around like, 3 corrieres to put on eBay and then all of a sudden, these 2 HUGE Security Guard guys come out with the manager pushing a big box and go over to a display to start setting up stuff, and everyone starts forming a line to be the first. But it turns out there wasnt that much stuff in the box - but the stuff in the box was AWESOME! it was LUGGAGE! like, mini rolling suitcases (which were like, $200!), and regular sized ones ($300!), and big duffels with wheels! and i was just thinking "i just bought a 5 piece luggage set in Kohls for $60, but maybe I can splurge since this is special!" but by the time i got there everyone had already like, rioted and snatched everything up :sad: so they told us there should be a new shipment in tomorrow, and then the rest of my dream was me staking out the store, not sleeping, so that i could be the first one in the store! and then i wound up in a cab with the other toki board girls & we were all showing off the stuff we got & plotting for the next day :wlae: and then my alarm went off :sad:
  2. You are not alone! Hahahaha I swear to the lord that just the other night I dreamt that Tokidoki & LeSportsac released their newest print (in my dream it was the Tutti) and not only was it an early release but I bought myself a BV!!! I woke up hoping it was true and checked all the sites, no new prints. Hahahaah we are obsessed!
  3. I swear I was thinking about opening a thread about it this morning, this is so weird.

    I've had several dreams about me being in NY and checking out Tokidoki bags in stores, it was kinda fun choosing an Amore. :lol:
  4. I used to have dreams about toki when i was freaking out to buy more. Ex: must call SH before they run out of cammo blk or visiting somewhere with cheap toki's. My recent splurge guilt has kept me a bit tame and I haven't even been looking on when i heard of the same sale, I thought sh*t!, rather than Yes! because that means I'll be spending more. I'll limit myself to $300 if possible
  5. well.... you see my screen name....
  6. you're not alone. My dreams usually involve getting something spilled on my bags, or they somehow get ruined. Maybe I'm too paranoid

  7. Dude, those of us who had recent dreams.. we must be psychic!!! Spiaggia came out today and who would have called that!!! hahahaha
  8. oh my...seriously, toki dreams?!??!!? lol...that's just madness! lol.