Tokidoki diaper baby bag

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  1. Hello!

    I'm new to the forum and am desperately searching for a Tokidoki Diaper bag.
    I've seen quite a few on eBay but the prices are insane. Does anyone know of a place to buy them, new or used?? I'm flexible on the pattern, but my favorite is the Pegaso print.

    Thank-you! =)
  2. The diaper bag is very hard to find! You can try Macy's or Nordstrom, or Nordstrom Rack.
  3. Unfortunately, the Pegaso print was never made in the diaper bag style (Tesoro). One of the SA's at the Tokidoki NYC capsule store told me that when Pegaso first came out.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions. I live in Canada so I'll have to check em out when I'm in Florida next month or Arizona in March.

    And booo! I love that print =( Do you think the Laureando Messenger Bag would be big enough to be a diaper bag? I've never seen it in person.