Tokidoki Deals @ Southampton Factory Store!

  1. I just got off the phone with LeSportSac's Southampton Factory store, and will soon have 4 new Tokidoki items coming my way! I ordered a Playground Bella/Denaro, and a Paradiso Dolce/Denaro. If anyone is interested in calling up Southampton and ordering, there is a 50% off sale on all Playground styles, and a 25% off sale on all Paradiso, Inferno, and Fumo.

    Hurry! I've no idea how much they've got left in stock, so it'd be a great idea to call now before it all sells out!!

    Store # -> 631.283.1733
    Store E-Mail ->

    :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. ^^ Their e-mail is actually

    Oops, typo! :X
  3. Thanks for the heads up!
  4. 25% off retail price?
  5. hmmmnn i need a new denaro, but the one I have is playground already!
  6. oooh could someone help me a playground dolce??? they dont ship here..i was told that Lesportsac said they specifically blocked out Guam so it wont ruin the business here for the stores...we dont even have an outlet!

    unless someone can find me a foresta dolce! :biggrin:
  7. I actually called them and it's 12:37 AM here in Malaysia!
    They don't have any Mamma Mias in Playground - only in Camo Black Playground :sad:
    and they only charge $8.50 to ship to Hawaii! (Is that cheap? I was asking on behalf of the girls from Hawaii...)
  8. I bought a cammo black playground bella bella from them and they shipped $8.50 to me (I'm in CA). I think it's a flat rate shipping fee.
  9. Yeah, it is a flat rate shipping of $8.50 per box. The SA was saying 3 to 4 bags can fix in a box. So you can save in shipping by buying more than 1 bag at a time.
    ENVI TOKI, which part of Malaysia are you from? Did you order anything from the Southampton store. I love your mamma mia without the side pockets.
  10. I just called and the girl told me that all they have left is cammo playground in bella and bella bella and denaros. No regular playground :sad:
  11. LatteGrl..I wonder what print they have in mamma mia style..but I am waiting for amore to come out...hmmm....
  12. Wow! She had a couple of the bella bellas in playground when I called and bought one a couple of hours ago. She said that someone came in last night and bought a bunch of playground bags & all the I'm guessing we're going to see them on eBay soon....:blink: we're going to have to figure out how to stay a few steps ahead of those toki snipers!
  13. I was hoping for a wallet. I'm a little too late.
  14. Buy them all up ourselves as soon as we find the deal!