Tokidoki Cucciolo Diaper Bag: Paradiso or Amore?


Which Tokidoki Cucciolo Diaper Bag: Paradiso or Amore?

  1. Paradiso

  2. Amore

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  1. OK, which diaper bag do you prefer:




    They're both so cute, I just can't decide if the Paradiso babies are too corny for a diaper bag!
  2. I like the coloring on the paradiso bag better than the amore bag. :smile:
  3. I prefer the paradiso because I like the black trimmings much more than the tan trimmings
  4. I like the Amore print better, but I voted for Paradiso because it's the most perfect diaper bag print!
  5. I personally love the idea of the babies on the paradiso for a diaper bag. But the amore is a beautiful print too.
  6. i love both, but i think paradiso is more appropriate as a diaper bag :]
  7. I love the Paradiso print, but for some reason don't like it on the diaper bag as much, even though it's so appropriate. I think I don't like the black edging on the pockets because it looks too harsh to me, or just my style, though whenever I've seen it looks so adorable on others.

    When did the amore come out? Or has it come out already? So cute!!
  8. I prefer Amore cause it looks different and Paradiso looks like a simple diaper bag.
  9. i prefer amore only cause its my last name and all the characters are in love... which is why you need a baby bag in the first place!! :love:
  10. wow that makes sense! :biggrin: lol ...well i chose paradiso cuz i think it would make a cute diaper bag...and im sure the baby will like it too cuz it has babies on them :biggrin:..but if you prefer bright and colorful..then choose the amore... either way they are both nice!!
  11. I am biased because I have the Paradiso Campeggio that I use as a diaper bag. I brought it to the hospital when I gave birth and the nurses kept admiring it because of all the angel babies on it. One nurse said she was going to buy it right after she got off work that day, lol.
  12. They are both really cute! I voted for the Amore bag, since I like the print better, but on the other hand I like the black trimming on the Paradiso better, so I find it hard to choose. But I finally voted for the amore because it looks more like a diaper-bag to me, the paradiso looks a bit like a school bag.
  13. i think the paradiso print is perfect as a diaper bag. so cute.
  14. so stefania, let us know what you got :biggrin:
  15. i say both! lolz i know that doesn't hlep..but i'm currently using the paradiso cucciolo as my laptop bag for school and i love it!