Tokidoki crazy

  1. This is what i've got so far. I've only got one purse per print. (I figure that way i'll love them all the same)
    One picture is of all the bags together. The other is how i keep them when i'm not using them (on the hooks). I need to put up another cause i've run out of room since getting the inferno and paradiso bags.
    collection 2.JPG on the wall.JPG
  2. Thanks for sharing! Your heaven Zucca is adorable. You don't have any cammo or playground bags?
  3. Does anyone ever actually see people carrying toki bags in the malls or on the streets of big cities? My bf and I always wonder how these bags sell out but when we're out shopping we rarely ever see anyone carrying a toki purse. I think to date we've seen 2 toki bags when we've been out.
  4. I didn't really like those prints. Too much clutter. They're ok to look at but i'm fine without them.
  5. I've seen one guy at Bellevue Square with a camo messanger bag.
    And a girl at the SFO Airport with a backpack.
    I always keep my eyes peeled for more though.
  6. here in south california, i haven't seen anyone carrying toki bags.
  7. adorable! I love them all! I've seen a girl wearing tokidoki on campus in Los Angeles
  8. Your collection is fun and adorable. I am a huge fan of the smaller Tokidoki accessories ie. cosmetic cases and wallets. I have only seen one person wearing a tokidoki waist bag it was at the gym.
  9. Those are so cute! Nice collection.
  10. So Cute. So Colorful.
  11. Doesn't everyone find it strange that we never see people carrying tokis yet they sell out of the stores?? It seems like everyone has had one or two toki spottings. I too always have my eyes peeled for tokis and I'm never successful at spotting any. Maybe people buy them and don't use them...who knows!!
  12. Adorable collection!
  13. I love it all! : )
  14. I have never seen anyone carrying them. I love your collection, so cute!
  15. Love them! :biggrin: very cute bags ^^