Tokidoki Corriere Love


L'Amore Corriere!!
Oct 11, 2007
Heres some pics of all my Toki Collection of bags!

Yay my collection is almost complete! I finally took some pics of my bags. I am thrilled with the placements! I have found Corriere to be the perfect bag for me due to my size and the amount of stuff I carry. In my opinion its not big enough to be a diaper bag but it suits my needs perfectly. On to the collection!

Sushi boy rules! and hes all over my bag ^____^ only part I didnt get on this bag was my little guy in the tub :/ Maybe I'll get a denero with that :biggrin:

I love my pirita it goes so well with everything I own. The inside color makes me happy!

This bag makes me drooool.