Tokidoki Compromises + Collection FAQ?

  1. I'm not going to lie, I have been ADDICTED to Tokidoki lately. But I'm somewhat OCD so when things are incomplete it drives me insane. The thing is, I can't have more than one bag in one print or else I would have to get all the styles for that one print, or all those bags in all the other prints -- in order to feel complete. But I can't have more than one bag style or else I have to get the same style for everything.

    So I need some advice in order to stay out of being 'incomplete'.

    My Questions:

    1 - Should I buy all my prints in the Denaro or Braccialetto style? I really need it to be the same style. I can see the Denaro being more functional as a wallet, but the Braccialetto is a lot cheaper. I was thinking about a mix of both, but like, seriously that'll make me feel as incomplete as ever. I guess I just like need the actual collection of: All Prints + 1 style. As opposed to All Prints + Different styles (because I simply don't like enough styles to match all the prints :/. Well I like all the styles, but really prefer some to others, to actually spend this much money on).

    So, which would you choose? The Denaro or the Braccialetto. I'm pretty much willing to shell out for both (though it might take me a while). But I just *need* to feel complete by having all the prints in at least one style -- the same style.

    2 - I know I'm going to ADORE the Trasporto (Transporto?). Would that make me weird if I have all the styles of bags from that one print? Does anyone else have the same print in more than one style?

    3 - So I'm sure a lot of you have the need to collect all the prints even though you like one less than the other. Do you guys shove the designs you don't really want in styles that you probably won't use/favor as much as others just to have a complete print collection? I mean, I really want to have a full print collection, which is why I'm really deciding on buying all styles in the Denaro/Braccialetto..but gah! Gah!

    3. Am I like, completely insane or what?
  2. 1. I personally think if I NEED to have all the prints in one style I'd go for the denaro. I :heart: the braccialetto but I haven't used mine yet. I've already used my denaro a number of times

    2. Vmasterz has 11 inferno bags in mostly different styles :lol: but I'm not quite sure how many styles there are and some styles have been discontinued/created so I don't know if that's the best option

    3. I actually don't shove the prints on styles I don't like but I have thought about it. I just get whichever I think is nicest or whatever :shrugs: but I actually do like each print (minus fumo (kinda) and arancia currently and I have black items not notte but it's basically the same)

    4. you're not completely insane :lol: just a little OCD like you said. Then again a lot of us are when we have something we love :love:
  3. I think a denaro would be more useful.
  4. 1. I agree with tehlilone...if I NEED to get all the prints.. denaro would be it :biggrin: as for braceletto..I'd never use it so its useless for me?? :lol:

    2. hahah Ive gone :nuts: hahaha...yes i do have 11 infernos (so does that make me weird :confused1:) ...the only doubles I have are dolce & denaro (i had bought them at separate places/times thats why I ended up with 2 only cuz the print I wanted was better than the first one :push:..but thats just me) though I dont plan to get all the styles in this print (that would be insane for me cuz i wouldnt be using all the styles anyway) I only get what I think I would be using..I :banned: myself from too many in one print haha its way more than my foresta!

    3. Nope, I dont have the need to collect all the prints so that eliminates buying prints i dont like... the most prints ive gotten so far is just inferno and foresta:jammin:
  5. Well it looks like you already have two braccialettos, so if you like them and use them maybe you should still get more braccialettos? It would be easier to complete your collection...

    Personally I would go with the denaro as well, but I don't have a denaro or braccialetto at this point so its hard to say.

    I kind of feel the need to have something in each print so I'm not missing out on any of the collection... But unless the characters on familigia are seriously cute I doubt I'll even get a denaro in that print (unless its really on sale) because I think its kinda ugly...

    (Of course I used to think that about camo, and now I want something in that!)
  6. 1) If you need all prints in one style go for the Dolce. It's tiny bit more expensive than the Denaro but so much more useful! I have several Denaros but find I only every use one. Its no big deal switching bags every time I go out, but switching all the stuff in my Denaro every day isn't going to happen!

    2) Well if you really really like the print I don't see anything "wrong" in getting all styles in the same print. If someone offered to buy me a complete set of Amore I wouldnt' say no.... but.... many of the styles are pretty similar either in looks or size. Would you be okay if you picked like one bag between MM and BV, one bag of the pocket bag style (Campeggion, Stellina, Cucciolo) one between Bambino and Bambinone or does it really have to be on of every single bag?

    3) I don't feel the need to have either every print of every style. I want the prints I love in the styles I love.

    4) No not insane, you just a have a "thing" that makes you unique. If the Zucca hd been made in the older print than I might have felt a need to collect one in every print just cause I love the Zucca so much!
  7. Ah! Thanks for everyone's responses, I'm still not close to wearing out a decision X_X. I really do want to go for the dolce, but then that might be a little to expensive..(Well, 10 designs x 12 extra dollars if I do the Denaro's..) = $120, which does hurt a little bit XD;;. But then again if I am spending all that money...

    Well, my reasoning was that I wasn't really going to use all the Denaros, just to have something that's in all the prints -- The Braccialettos I can see me using because when I do go out (where carrying a handbag/purse might be a hassle), I can just slide my ID and Cash in there and be set for the night. And it'll be the easiest to switch in and out of. But the Denaro's would be really cute to have them in purses, and fit in the purses like Dolce and Bambino better than my long wallets XP. How I wish Tokidoki made long wallets, that would be the most amazing day of my life!

    However, I do have a Pirata Dolce that is adorkable. I love it! It's perfect for me because I love smaller bags. Grrrr I'm really close to hold a coin flipping tournament.

    I think I will do that when the transporto print comes out though, get just one style of that I mean, one size of that certain style. It'll be a lot easier on my wallet XD