Tokidoki collaborations you would like to see!

  1. I was idly thinking about this the other day, and wonder if anyone else has thought of collaborations they would like to see (other than the ones that Tokidoki is already into with Sanrio, Smashbox, etc.). Here's the start of my list:

    Tokidoki and Filofax - organizers/agendas

    Tokidoki and Fisher Price - limited to bouncers, high chairs, and swings only

    Tokidoki and Iris - plastic storage bins

    and...(gasp...noooooo not more bags?!...yes!): Tokidoki and Louis Vuitton:nuts:
    (come on, admit it, you also want to see Tokidoki in leather mmmmm, but only 1 season's run please lol)
  2. I agree with this! I loved the LV & Murakami (sp?) collaboration, so I'd like to see something like that done.

    Most of the Tokidoki jewelry kind of underwhelms me, so I'd like to see Tokidoki & Betsey Johnson collaborate. I think her style is funky enough to really work well with the bright colors and playful characters of Toki. :drool:

    Maybe one season's worth of clothing in a Harajuku Lovers/Tokidoki collaboration would be cool too.

    Okay I'm out of ideas :p
  3. I agree! I am kind of obsessed with her jewelry. I am ready and waiting for them to come out with the Hello Kitty already Sheesh!! :drool:

    They should do Tokidoki for Target, like a lot of the designers have been doing. I'd go nuts. :yahoo:
  4. I want some tokidoki pajamas!! I guess nick and nora could do the collaboration, a robe with all the characters on it. And cute lacy camis with nana stars on them would rock! I also think Tarina Tarantino jewelry and toki would be awesome!
  5. In the other thread I just said I wish they made pajamas :p
  6. Oh, God. Save me from a Toki/LV collaboration. I would be broker than broke.
  7. I am with you...can't wait for the HK and toki collabo- I think my 12 yo daughter is just as excited as me.

    Oh yay...TARGET would be sweet..I would love home designs, like frames, bedding, towels, etc.:okay:
  8. OMG I would be so broke if they did a Toki & LV collab! I've never actually bought anything LV before (um, for obvious financial reasons!) but i think my credit cards would be maxed out (um, AGAIN) if that happened!

    I think Toki & Murakami would be cute too - I got this adorable Murakami phone charm/pin at the Tokyo City View. They had a bunch of other plushes and stuff, but I didn't wanna spend all my money on the first day. I love Murakami stuff and his artwork, and was sooooo excited when I found out he designed the artwork for the new Kanye West album, and now I'm actually gonna go to a store and buy the CD instead of buying it online, just because I want to see all the artwork! hehe :p
  9. I don't know if I'd call it a collaboration but, I mean, they come out with these plastic vinyl toys but I mean, WHERE ARE THE STUFF ANIMALS?!! I could collect loads of those!!! eeeeee, a moofia stuffed animal!! And a blue cactus dog!!!
  10. Yes! Nick and Nora makes such cute pajamas. A robe would be wicked.

    I think Tokidoki undergarments would be cool (again, I nominate Betsey Johnson to collaborate for it).

    Also, Toki patches would be great. I'd like to be able to buy the characters I like and iron/sew them onto clothing items to get a more customized look going on.
  11. Don't they already have Tokidoki underwear and bikini for sell in Italy?
  12. yess!! the target idea would be FABULOUS!!
    its a great marketing strategy. i mean, target is located every and any where! just like how sanrio did. loveee going in there and finding *new* sanrio items every now & then.

    but i honestly cannot wait til the toki/hello kitty! :yahoo:
  13. This one probably wouldn't make sense as they already had the Murakami collaboration.. LV fans would probably be like "another cutesy collab?"
  14. Yup, they have lotsss of non-lesportsac tokidoki items I saw from someone's trip.