Tokidoki Clothing?

  1. I have 3 all-over print Tokidoki hoodies and I always wondered if it was too over the top to also carry a Toki bag while wearing them? I have a Fumo Gioco that I use when I wear the Toki clothing, but I usually just carry another brand when I wear the clothing.

    Do you carry a Toki bag while wearing the clothing? What bags/prints do you match with your pieces of Toki clothing?

  2. I haven't yet but that's because I only have 1 Toki hoodie and another one on the way. I guess it depends on how busy the hoodie is. If it's not too over-the-top I think wearing a bag would be ok. Also, a bag that is sort of plainer would look fine with a busy hoodie.
  3. xD I only have an older tokidoki all over print. I couldn't bring myself to wear a tokidoki bag. But I did wear a canguro, AS one and not my OP one cause OP has a lot going around too. xD
  4. I say if you like it, wear it. Who gives a flying &$#% what anyone else thinks? Be proud of your own personal style!

  5. I have a few tokidoki T's i do sometimes wear them with a tokidoki bag. I do have a few hoodies but i havent wore them yet.
  6. Yes, often! I'll wear a tokidoki t-shirt + hoodie and carry a tokidoki bag & wallet all at the same time. It is hard to match some of the all-over print hoodies well, but I think there are a few bag prints that work. I have way too many bags & toki clothing items to list every combination that I've worn, but if you have a specific "does this go with this" question let us know.
  7. ^^ Thanks, that was very helpful! :tup:
  8. I have the latte amore hoodie, and I wear it with my Tokis. I think that it works because the design is on the back, and its a black hoodie so they work well together. :okay: