Tokidoki Clothes Virgin Megastore NYC!

  1. I was surprised to see the clothes and ended up with a pink pullover hoodie with the peach? on the front and rhinestones on the costs $75 and will post pics soon.
  2. Congrats! I have that hoodie too. I also have the one with Sandy! I love the tokidoki hoodies.
  3. It's too hot here to wear hoodies..if I lived in the mainland, I'd be all over those. LOL.
  4. Did they also have t-shirts? I want one with the tokidoki logo with the :heart: and crossbones!!
  5. hi, i'm italian but I was in the virgin store in Union square last week and they had a lot of shirts and some hoodies too, also yellow rat bastard in soho had a great choice of tees and some hoodies... you US buyers are very lucky....:yes:
  6. I got my pink tokidoki logo tee with the :heart: and crossbones at the Yellow Rat Bastard store in the Queens Center Mall. There is also one on Broadway near the SoHo Bloomingdales.
  7. Do the virgin megastores ship? Just wondering.
  8. Thanks nyshopaholic! I go to that mall often .. I'll have to check out YRB.
  9. Too warm for even the short sleeve hoodies? Maybe it would be worthy of perspiring?:lol: