Tokidoki Car?!?! LOL...kinda?

  1. So yeah my bf was playing this racing game called Forza and he made me a toki car...well this is one that he's finished with, he's still making another one. I just thought I'd share. It isn't like cutting and pasting pics, it's actually drawing it on there using shapes so it took him a while lol. I called his bullet a crayon lol..........

    I wish I could have a real toki car.
    tokicar.jpg car.jpg
  2. Cute! I like it but request PINK next time hahah I can tell ur a pink kinda gal
  3. He said he wont make a pink car lol...but he's making me a white one w/ stuff from the amore print lol....
  4. Wow, that is really neat. No pink, huh? You def should post the one with amore stuff on it when he finishes!
  5. lol yeahhh i will :biggrin: he's takin a's layers and layers of stuff can't free draw on this game, just make stuff out of shapes so yeahh thats why it takes some time. haha.
  6. oh wow .. if that was a real car and I saw it out on the street I'd freak out it's so cool!!

    I remember when I used to want to buy a yellow VW Bug and have a custom paint job so it'd look like Pikachu .. hahaha

    I think a toki car would be cooler tho :biggrin:
  7. That is so awesome! I love racing games. I second the opinion on the pink car, though. Too bad he's stubborn!
  8. that's cool! :] my bf played.. i think it was gran turismo and he made a car that look juuuust like my real one! ^^ haha
  9. hahaha!! aw, that's so cute that he made that for you, jessaka!
  10. aww customized virtual car... that's adorable!

    there was a thread a while back about a real toki car w/ the ninja baby and stuff on it
  11. aww that's cute! Very cool car!!
  12. A Toki car would be so cool. But I'd be afraid to park it anywhere and risk scratches lol.:rolleyes:
  13. tokidokiangel -- i'd freak out too! lol.

    sassafrass - he said it wouldn't match...but i know it would! is the best color in the world :tup:

    peachxfuzz - what kinda car is it you have?

    sweetbee - thanks...i'll tell him lol..or i'll let him read this haha.

    angelicruin - OH NO, scratches on a TOKI CAR?!??!?! Oh HELL NAW

    Jenn - WOW, thanks for posting that Jenn -- and digging it up. I actually never saw that thread haha must be before I joined. Oo:huh:oo now I want toki stickers for when I get my new car lol.
  14. I just got a new car (ironically, a bright yellow VW bug like someone above mentioned) and since I have a hook up to a sign shop, I'm going to have them make me a tokidoki decal to put on my gas cap. :yes: