Tokidoki Canguro Beltbag

  1. I am looking for the black canguro beltbag. Anyone know where I can buy it? Anyone have a picture of it modeled? Thanks ;)
  2. Check out the "great bag reference post" stickied
    but anyhow, if you don't want to riffle through bubblesung's pictures, you can check this out

    you can buy canguros at a pretty good price at eBay.
  3. I looked on eBay & didn't find the one I was looking for which is the all black one I think from 2006.

    Been sifting through all the posts last night with the search function & didn't find pics of this bag, but thank you so much for posting. It definitely looks better than it looked on another website where she just had it hanging below her tummy making it look too big :s
  4. Hi kimosa,

    I've just bought one.
    If you would like pics, you can email me :

  5. Ooooh maybe I will get the Pirata design instead of the all black one that looks kinda plain. Is there any other place that has Pirata Canguro for a good price besides eBay? (My bf will know if I buy another purse from Ebay) :graucho:
  6. Norstrom has a couple prints & so does Macys. Trasporto could be really cute. :yes:
  7. There was a lot of Notte Canguros at Macys in Del Amo mall!
  8. I have a Macy's nearby, I think I'll stop by there & see if they have any of those bags there. I can't say that I've seen any the other times I went by but then again I wasn't really looking for it either :push: