Tokidoki Candy?!

  1. OMG these tokidoki mints look soo cuute!
    has anyone else seen them?

    they just released them on the toidoki website
    under accessories hahaha

    here's a pic (btw, they're $2.50 a box):

  2. Whoa, the pic of the pink haired girl with the fan is surely something!
  3. I wonder if they're all in the evil candy shape, or if they have some shaped like the penguins on the box.
  4. aww...cute. the pink haired girl is um...:graucho:. Too bad they aren't in tins, i would so buy it and save the tins for band-aids or some random small things.
  5. Hmmm, would be a great gift for some of us in the next RAOK.:graucho:
  6. ooh... i like!
    how i wish we get such cute stuff in singapore :sad:
  7. they actually always had those on their site... they were just hidden :lol: I was googling one day a back when they had their old site and I found those... they added to the cart too! I'm stoked that they finally added it to the shopping area :biggrin:
  8. So cute! I'm gonna go buy a box now!!! :tup: lol.
  9. SO cute!

    If I ever see these in stores, I'm going to pick up a couple boxes.
  10. It's up on the site again? I remember seeing it a long time ago..but then it was just gone? I want to get my hands on some.
  11. Does anyone know what FLAVOR mints they are? I only like cinnamon... so if it was wintergreen or peppermint or something, it'd be :tdown: for me.
  12. Yeah, I want to know that too.. and I wish they were in tins too, djr0658. I :heart:tins.
  13. Ooooh when you girls get them.. POST PICS!! I wonder if they DO have tins.. or come in penguin shapes :graucho: hahaha :lol: Im imagining people eating penguins :lol: ok I'll stop.
  14. im definetly picking up atleast one
    $2.50 is not that bad for mints haha

    i love the box art though
    everyone on this forum knows that
    i Must but everything with a tokidoki nurse on it
    HAHAHAHA ooops. oh well

    as for how the mints look like...
    hmmmmmmmm they better look cute!
  15. Does anyone know anywhere else that sells them besides the store? I don't want to pay more for shipping than the candy/mints lmfao.